Whic card is best for Ulead's Media Studio Pro Video Editor

Discussion in 'Videocards - AMD Radeon' started by Cosman, Sep 2, 2001.

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    I am trying to read between the line on which video card would optimise my video editing the best. Game playing is an edded bonus but not the main use for this card.<br>
    I render video for output as <br>
    1. video in AVI to a sony digital camera<br>
    2. divX for training cds<br>
    If anyone will have any idea I think this is the place.<br>
    These are my specs<br>
    Software: Ulead Media Studio Pro 6 (hopefully 6.5 soon)<br>
    CPU<IMG SRC="smileys/sticktongue.gif">III 1G<br>
    Ram:256MB PC133 getting another 256MB PC133 soon<br>
    Motherboard<IMG SRC="smileys/sticktongue.gif">lain<br>
    Windows ME<br>
    Hard drives: 30G, 60G<br>
    Current crappy video card: TNT2 32MB<br>
    Firewire card for DVI<br>
    Sooundcard: Soundblaster live<br>

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