Where do I download the latest atiman uninstaller?

Discussion in 'Videocards - AMD Radeon Drivers Section' started by Moopsta, Jun 28, 2012.

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    7950 3 gig dead!
    I downloaded the latest ATIman 7 one.
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    Radeon HD 5650m (550/800)
    It still deletes Windows' ATi default graphics drivers (like atiriol and atiilhag files) on auto, though, with 7.0.2.
    The next time MS releases another SP for Win7, people can't really blame DS anymore if it won't update because of a few system files missing and unrecoverable.
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    5870 VF3000A / GT430
    Don't know if troll thread?

    people just creating more problems, FFS.
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    GT 630 1GB DDR3 GK208 Kep
    What's the problem with amd uninstaller?

  5. flow

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    MSI GTX1080 2000Mhz
    Nothing wrong with atiman uninstaller, cleans my win7 perfectly. Especially handy if you use old drivers and want to try new ones. The newer drivers have many leftovers after uninstalling which can conflict with the older drivers once those are installed again.
    Also cleans many registry settings which ccleaner doesn't find.
  6. k1net1cs

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    Radeon HD 5650m (550/800)
    That's because CCleaner is an all-purpose (a.k.a. generic) registry cleaner, and that's not even its main feature.
    For specific AMD-related cleaning, that's something DS, DF, Atiman Uninstaller, or TwL's (genetix) cleaner is for.
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    yes, indeed it does...

    apparently you've not got the memo...


    You just install the new drivers right after it completes....

    If you try to reboot, you will have no ati driver, and it will use the windows generic VGA driver, which will hose your desktop.

    since its designed to scrub every last trace of ATI video drivers from your system, i assumed this would be obvious...
  8. flow

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    MSI GTX1080 2000Mhz
    800x600 looks pretty big on my monitor, and it's right there when I uninstall ati drivers the regular way( which I always do). So the reboot from atiman doesn't change that.
    But indeed, after that and C for continue one can install any driver without a reboot.

    I use 11.10 drivers which seem to work the fastest upto present day, and because of some leftover ati files I get corrupted screen when installing 12.xx drivers, any of those.
    And it seems those preview and now Beta drivers leave several behind after a normal uninstall.
  9. k1net1cs

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    Radeon HD 5650m (550/800)
    Apparently you don't really get what I meant nor what it does.
    I've rebooted many times using Auto, and I can still use my Windows just fine; nothing hosed here.

    Do not confuse AMD chipset driver with default ATi graphics driver from Microsoft.
    The first one is the driver that'd get Windows 'hosed' when deleted.
    The second one, when deleted, will prevent users from installing a Windows Service Pack since the driver files are system files but does not get Windows to be unusable.

    Keep in mind that I was talking about 7.0.2 which doesn't delete AMD chipset driver, so no chance of getting 'hosed'.
    Also, regardless of those default driver present or not, when current Catalyst is uninstalled it'd revert back to using the generic VGA driver anyway.
    I assumed this would be obvious, but maybe you didn't get the memo.
    The door's over there.
  10. The Mac

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    actually, it doesn't. I was not referring to the chipset driver, only the ati vga drivers.

    as long as you dont reboot after atiman does the pre-desktop scrub, it leaves the desktop intact. There is actually no reason to do so anyway.

    I was not referring to "using" windows. if you reboot manually after the auto function, it will reset the desktop. Hense hosed if you had a custom reso set (as flow has indicated).

    Clearly your are talking about something else.
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  11. Watcher

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    Gigabyte Windforce R9 380
    Information and user guide

    From the home page for Atiman: Translated using Google.



    Donwnload Atiman Uninstaller 7.0.2

    Changes - improvements ..

    1. Fully support AMD mobo systems.

    1a. The program detects when such a platform, "park" the
    Procedure, Install Manager opens a window that takes us
    automatic uninstallation to field.
    Uninstalling basic package must be effected through this area
    where there is only the custom tab.
    Choosing, must be clicked only the catalyst driver from the devices
    will recognize.
    Once finished, the window will close itself and the process flow of
    the uninstaller will normally continue from where it stopped without
    further action from us.

    1b. The program will not remove during its execution, ATI folders
    and everything including files concerning the operation of the

    2. Recognition and Presentation of the first page of the Hardware ID
    of the system board.

    2a. Necessary and useful because so we can see how many
    "phantom" cards we (if we have) in our system.

    2b. If such cards, proposed to quick uninstallation via button (Q).
    After uninstalling must make the process of removing these cards.
    To do this, you can give the following command from a command
    prompt "set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices = 1" and then "start
    devmgmt. msc".
    In the Device Manager window that will open, select Show hidden
    devices, please go to tab Vga Adapters, right click to uninstall any
    "confectioners" entries at the end and restart.

    3. Full support for Windows 8 all versions.

    4. Special care to remove all the new parameters of ControlSet's,
    which will come with the next instruction. These parameters, when
    there ????????????.????????????? and recognized as extra
    entries and displays and in flow but also in the log file. Thus there is
    no necessity for this spot for next version of uninstaller.

    5. Installation in any disc and not only in C:

    Safety - Examinations.

    In version 7.0.2 have predicted multiple control methods, so the
    result is 100% secure, so that in my opinion is even excessive.

    Introduction, we should say that must be a good STIMENO system
    in the fields of registry.
    Thus, in a system in which we have removed the "fantastic -
    Previous - nonexistent cards and not using any application that
    creates other kind of virtual Vga's, there should be only the
    following ..

    1. One entry per card (single configuration) in HKLM \ SYSTEM \
    CurrentControlSet \ Control \ Class \ {4D36E968-E325-11CE-BFC1-
    08002BE10318} key and 0000.
    For the second card (crossfire configuration), there should be
    another one in the key 0001, while for the third key in 0002.

    2. Identical to "kathrefti" of CurrentControl, the position in
    ControlSet001 HKLM \ SYSTEM \ ControlSet001 \ Control \ Class \

    3. At the same time, by default Windows define a field in which
    "photographed" the main function field CurrentControlSet, to use the
    Last Known Good configuration. This field is in ControlSet002, the
    set number can be changed, either automatically by the Windows
    (in case of "harm" - data loss in self-), either manual (by us) if you
    edit the field HKLM \ SYSTEM \ Select and change the parameters.
    Very rare number changes and if changed will get the next value, ie
    the number 3 (ControlSet003).
    In this key, then, are still a "picture" of the master key CurrentControl,
    which is updated after a restart.

    In systems should not be anything else, regarding these fields.

    The uninstaller can find and delete elements results in fields up to 7
    - 50 subfields of them - 200 entries per subfield (total 70.000 entries).
    However gets backup, at least of these (up to 5 Every field to 3 and
    each subfield ), typical but not to volume ratio gets into everything.
    If the conditions are valid (like necessarily), then we are absolutely

    The programs under the above provides ..

    1. Backup CurrentControlSet of the situation and ControlSet's
    FIELDS shortly before start the uninstall process. In THIS
    RELEASE VGA recording only the parameters (to be easier the
    process of restore) *

    2. After uninstalling and before the program closed, read every one
    of the critical fields that are necessary for safe booting.

    2a. Updated with visual indication for each entry, if it is correct and
    bootable. Stin If you find a price EVEN at least one field that exist do
    not agree with should then automatically diorthonei. Se case you
    find a problem whole key (loss) then this creative in a new position
    with the necessary data is created and checked that we know if the
    new field the system can "boot".

    Supposed that such adjustment is recorded in the log file and you
    can read through the log file reader (choice E of final menu).
    NB To function selection key in the final menu should do a simple
    click of our mouse anywhere on the window.

    3. * If for any reason, found errors that are not corrected, then we
    know that the system is unstable.
    You in the search box of Windows to give the command setrestore,
    which will automatically reset the fields and the CurrentControlSet
    ControlSet's the situation before uninstalling.
    This will register parameters that existed when the driver was
    operating, which is useless to us, but as a last resort will make the
    system bootable.

    - We believe that all these safety valves verging on exaggeration,
    but you must ensure efficiency 1000%. -

    Additives ..

    1. In the menu "Start" windows, you will also find the shortcuts for
    application engineering and CCC control ULPS recently unveiled.

    2. From cmd window You can always run the command showlogs.
    It is useful to read the history log file the uninstaller, delete them,
    print them and whatever else we want.

    The most important part of this mandate, the choice is (S) - Copy
    vbls files to sending [ATI_VBLS] folder.
    Creates a folder in c: by name ATI_VBLS, in which he writes all the
    necessary data you need to send me someone (all folder), in order
    to diagnose a problem that will be remembered.

    Comments ..

    Often I hear about the difference of this program to the Eg driver
    The difference is huge, my program removes multiple items from
    that the driver sweeper, which even except that removes concerns
    only ATI Vga parameters and nothing else.

    Briefly to mention some of the most main field - points in my
    program functions.

    1. HKLM \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ services \ ..
    2. Windows \ winsxs \
    3. Windows \ System32 \ DriverStore \ FileRepository \
    4. Windows \ System32 \ DriverStore \ FileRepository \
    5. Windows \ winsxs \ Manifests \
    6. Windows \ system32 \
    7. Windows \ system32 \ drivers \
    8. Windows \ syswow64 \
    9. Windows \ INF \
    10. HKLM \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \
    11. HKLM \ SYSTEM \ ControlSet001 \ (up to 007 - X50)
    12. HKLM \ SYSTEM \ ControlSet001 \ Enum \ Root \
    LEGACY_AMDKMDAG (up to 007 - X50)
    13. HKLM \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \
    Setup \ PnpLockdownFiles
    14. HKLM \ SOFTWARE \ Wow6432Node \ Microsoft \ Windows \
    CurrentVersion \ Setup \ PnpLockdownFiles
    15. APPDATA \ ATI
    17. Program Files \ ATI Technologies
    18. HKLM \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ Video
    19. HKLM \ SYSTEM \ ControlSet001 \ Control \ Video (up to 007)
    21. HKLM \ SOFTWARE \ Wow6432Node
    22. HKLM \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \
    Installer \ Folders
    23. HKLM \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \

    And many more .... !

    A very small user guide.

    1. In the first main menu options appear 4.
    A - Automatic uninstallation Pressing start automatically
    PROCEDURE full uninstall.

    S - Selective uninstallation Clicking opens the following extra

    1 - Not Uninstall Video Settings does not uninstall the Video
    Settings set by the user to the sub function leads.

    2 - Not Uninstall xml Profiles does not delete the xml Profiles,

    3 - Not Uninstall HDMI Drivers does not uninstall the HDMI Drivers

    4 - Not Uninstall extended display keys Not removes more of the
    details strictly necessary to controlSet's

    5 - Light Uninstallation Create routines for a simple uninstaller.

    Q - Quick Uninstallation Create an uninstallation of the driver and
    the factors to be reinstalled in order to hire the same family.
    Could be used in fast testing among drivers.

    E to exit exit the program.

    2. In the next menu everything runs automatically.

    3. In the menu after the restart we have the following options,,
    C to continue Must be pressed to continue the uninstall normally.

    A to add options allow us to add the same extra options in the
    previous section.
    If we choose some, the parameters change and appears as, R to
    revise current configuration while our menu displays which of the
    extra options selected.
    If pressed, you can add, remove options, one by one or all

    E to exit exit the program.

    4. In windows we have the final menu options,,

    O - Open Next Gen cleaner Log file opens a small and
    epigramatiko log file that shows us inside the folders if there are still
    files on drivers that have not been removed and what are they, and
    points lying.

    E - Next Gen Events Log file. (Recommended) The complete log
    file of Uninstaller shows us everything that occurred during the flow.
    (What was removed, from where, when, etc.)

    R - Registry Next Gen Log File show us the deletions within the
    registry however in selected points.

    B - Backup Boot Device list file show us the record the parameters
    has written to backup the Uninstaller.

    V - Verifying Device check log file shows the test results.

    C - Check system current bootable situation Current
    implementation shows us per field and per parameter for each field,
    checking whether the system through these is bootable. (The
    application runs real time and read that applies to the system
    currently running).
    point where it has chosen Light Uninstallation, the three last option
    does not appear.

    Submissions ..

    Keep all the rest of the previous version.
  12. flow

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    MSI GTX1080 2000Mhz
    Yes, you are correct in that. It seems the discussion is about 2 separate things. :)
    I always have to resize my internet browser after atiman and a clean amd install.
    If I just uninstall through cat uninstaller this doesn't happen. So I can imagine with more custom programs and desktop layout, atiman can mess that up.
  13. The Mac

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    Sapphire R9-290 Vapor-X

    im at 1920x1200, and as long as i dont reboot after atiman finishes and before i install the new cats, my desktop stays the same.

    the reboot that atiman itself does to boot into pre-dekstop doesnt mess it up..

    btw: the 1st thing atiman does is run the CIM in silent mode.
  14. mtdew332

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    Sapphire R9 390x
    I use driver sweeper and Ccleaner myself.
    And i keep a clean install of Win7 with all updates except video drivers were NEVER installed, just the Standard VGA Win7 driver, in case i need it. (Acronis True Image)

    But in all seriousness,
    This should all be unnecessary.
    I simply never understood why AMD's own uninstaller cannot do what 3rd party programs can do.

    Ive never seen an official AMD statement on why its own uninstall program seems to leave so much behind.
    Either they feel a "clean install" of new drivers is not needed.
    Or they just don't care.
    Take your pick since your guess would be as good as anyone else's including AMD's apparently.

    As a matter of fact, has anyone ever seen or have a link to a step-by-step "Official AMD GPU Driver Update Guide"?

    The closest I've ever seen was an "unofficial" one on Rage3d by caveman-jim, which disappeared a while ago.(probably due to the issues some have using 3rd party programs for a "clean" installation)
  15. dkcs

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    Just to check, does this work with windows xp? I'm trying to remove my ATI driver in my old PC instead of the traditional method of DS which doesn't seem to be a complete remove.

  16. kevsamiga1974

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    EVGA GTX 580 SC
    Driver Sweeper 3.2.0 still finds entries 7.0.2 ATIMan uninstaller misses...

    Even though ATIMan uninstaller warns you to not run driversweeper after ATIMan, rules were mean't to be broken right. I never had any problems running driversweeper after ATIMan to clean up the remnants.

    I find the 1..2 punch of these two to completely wipe out and clean out all junk including OpenCL which won't remove itself properly once you uninstall it and go back to an earlier OpenCL version of a previous driver without using ATIMan uninstaller or deleting the files manually.
  17. Joe

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    Galax GTX 970 @ 1400/3900
    Whats wrong with using the AMD uninstaller, then reinstall?

    haven't done a Safemode driver sweep for years now, and have had no issues with getting drivers installed/uninstalled.
  18. kevsamiga1974

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    EVGA GTX 580 SC
    Because it doesn't keep care of it's files like a lazy underpaid and overworked office temp, and it doesn't remove higher versions of OpenCL to be replaced with lower versions.

    When you use ATIMan+Driver Sweeper you know everythings really gone...on the system, nada, zilch, and all relevant registry entries wiped.

    AMD's uninstaller orphan's files all over the place, and files change across versions eg. certain files didn't exist in other versions, or existed but now don't, so you end up with a hodge podge of files from old+newer versions the more you uninstall-reinstall etc.

    That's why ATIMan exists to begin with, because the default uninstaller is simply crap, like a vacuum cleaner with a full bag.
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  19. The Mac

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    Sapphire R9-290 Vapor-X

    i like the vaccuum cleaner analogy, funny as hell...
  20. k1net1cs

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    Radeon HD 5650m (550/800)
    Oh, and FYI, I still prefer DriverSweeper over Driver Fusion.
    They're made by the same dev, but with DF they try to capitalize it and 'force' you to get the pro version of DF by removing some registry cleaning features from the free version, which are still included with the latest DS.
    Not to mention the original DS website now wants you to go to DF website instead.

    It's not that DF is bad, just keep DS around.

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