when does skill at gaming deserve Intel fps?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by tunejunky, Oct 12, 2017.

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    hey guys i'm planning out a rig for my nephew this Christmas.
    my first inclination was to just get the Ryzen 5 1600 and call it a day. but he has gotten into esports (instead of Magic: the gathering) with his friends and is apparently very good at overwatch.
    we all know flash based games don't count but he's good at those as well.
    he is 24.

    i know for what i described Ryzen is just fine. but apparently since getting a job at a gaming store he's becoming more refined and more exposed to pcmasterrace.

    he likes fps games and the price of 100Hz+ monitors is dirt cheap at 24" and with the gtx 1070ti coming out for Christmas, the price on the old vanilla 1070 should drop a bit so 1440p is feasible.

    so with all that in mind what do you think? Coffee Lake I-5 or Ryzen 5 1600?
    the real limitation is supply and price of itx mobos especially if Coffee Lake.
    i really would have the money put into the gpu like a 1070 just because i know it will last longer in his affection than the 1060 - where i'd have to go with Coffee Lake plus chipset.
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    I would go with a Coffee Lake i5 since it can overclock much further than any Ryzen cpu and its probably much better in gaming as well. Getting a 1070 will last you much longer than a 1060 for sure. I got my 1070 last year and its still going strong. Don't know much about 100Hz+ monitors since mine can only do 60Hz, but if they are cheap get one. If you going for a 1440p monitor then i suggest doing some research on which games he plays and how high the frames per second go on those games, because some games the 1070 can't go over 100hz+ and it won't do much with a 100Hz monitor. You'll need to know how to configure it as well, it won't just start working right out of the box. So hopefully he learns a lot at the place he's working at and he start configuring all these things himself. Good luck with your purchases and try buying some of your items from ebay, my previous system that I built back in 2014 was all purchased through ebay and it was fully functionable and usable until I sold most of it.
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    Coffee lake for sure if he plans on high hz monitors. Magic gathering is not multithreaded so it’ll run much better on intel

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