whats the one thing in life you wish you had

Discussion in 'The Guru's Pub' started by damien666, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. John

    John Ancient Guru

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    I'd like to win at yahtzee... FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE!
  2. Tat3

    Tat3 Ancient Guru

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  3. Dahzeal33

    Dahzeal33 Guest

    It changes from time to time but right now I'd like to go back to being 21 and do a few things differently. As in I'd not waste time on stupid b*tches, not go to college and instead join the military.

    btw, I'll be enlisting in the navy next week at 31 :banana:
  4. Nbz

    Nbz Guest

    This topic feels absurd when theres alot of people that barely have anything in this life.

    I'm healthy, atleast as far as I know, haven't had any major or serious health problems and I'm quite a happy person. However, I would be lying if I wouldn't say a litle bit more money on my wallet wouldn't make life a litle bit more spicy ;)

  5. Leafblower

    Leafblower Guest

    Unlimited money.
  6. nhlkoho

    nhlkoho Guest

    The power to be invisible.
    I could have so much fun if I can become invisible whenever I wanted. Then if I ever ran out of money, just turn invisible and rob a bank.
  7. Sprecker

    Sprecker Guest

    I wish I had more wants and less needs. That would make my life a bit easier not that it's hard now or anything.
  8. viren

    viren Ancient Guru

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    Lots of luck.
  9. Pablo

    Pablo Guest

    A bumper fun book of jokes, as at work they know all my jokes now.
  10. WildStyle

    WildStyle Guest


    Yahtzee darling!

  11. ST19AG_WGreymon

    ST19AG_WGreymon Guest

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    Hey WildStyle is back.
  12. Pzykotik

    Pzykotik Guest

    Tat3, your wish is granted!

  13. JPennStar

    JPennStar Guest

    In lala land I guess be a super hero like superman - powers are cool.

    In something a bit closer to home I'd sure like to never sleep. My life would feel twice as long and I could get twice as much done.

    In reality though. A stiff fkn drink. Which I think I'll get after work. :)
  14. Kovoet

    Kovoet Guest

    I once heard a Radio DJ on the radio state he had his dream job because it was his hobby.

    Mine is Computer building but got into it too old but my dream would be to have my dream job
  15. Fox102383

    Fox102383 Guest

    A steady supply of money! say... $1000 dollars a week would be fine!

  16. damien666

    damien666 Guest

    alot of you want money and material stuff i seem to have that main stuff and want affection lol

    isnt that weird, i have never loved anything family nor gf/kids i dono why but id like to beable to feel
  17. Phragmeister

    Phragmeister Ancient Guru

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    Was going to post the exact same :)
  18. Nato.dbnz

    Nato.dbnz Guest

    Being given free money really isn't the answer to happiness guys. Yes it's nice to be able to buy nice things but it's the struggle to save your hard earned money to get them that makes them all the more valuable to you. If you could just buy whatever you wanted then you'd not even value all the possessions you have bought. You'd just have an empty "I have everything now what" feeling.

    Honestly, I wish for continuing good health throughout my life so I can actually enjoy the time I have alive, and that my close friends and family do as well. Money is nothing, when you lose a loved one you really learn what is important in life.
  19. Anubis

    Anubis Guest

    A job :/
  20. __hollywood|meo

    __hollywood|meo Ancient Guru

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    not really. damien was just asking if any of us were offered a reroll...wat we'd choose...no more absurd than INTERNET

    anyway money would be nice because the want of it has caused me many problems (since i was a kid even)...google "for want of a nail" :p

    but i would much rather have loyal friends, or a loyal girl. i cant find either. they always end up stabbing me in the back with varying degrees of severity. this last time was really bad though. id rather not have to deal with that any more :)

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