What's the artifact scanner in msi kombustor?

Discussion in 'Videocards - NVIDIA GeForce' started by shant, Mar 29, 2020.

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    Msi gtx1060 6GB OC
    It's been years since I overclocked a graphic card, I just upgraded my monitor and decided to overclock my gtx1060 until I upgrade it later.
    So after a little google search I decided to use Msi afterburner and kombustor, but I didn't really understand how to use artifact scanner, it starts with 0/0 then after a while it goes to 0/300+, is that supposed to mean I've experienced over 300 artifacts? why does it say zero over that though?
    Image looks fine to me, should I go ahead and do it like I used to in the older days? leave the stress test running until I see artifacts with my own eyes or a crash?
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    RTX 2070 Super FE
    Hey I used artifact scanner and:
    0/1 = 1 Artifact
    Thats tool works for me. I used it and can find a stable overclock after 30 min of kombustor with 0/0 Artifacts. BUT every game is diferent and the use of kombustor its not the best accurate tool to test your overclock profile. It can give a APROX card overclock limits BUT the best stress test is a game*.

    *Maybe you can play Fornite with GPU Core clock +100Mhz Over stock settings but in The Witcher 3 only can push +70Mhz.

    My recomendation is: Use kombustor for a "General/Orientative Overclock" and after that finish the overclock process with your favorite game.

    Afterburner have profile saver, use it to set up the best OC for every game.

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