What's a decent 3DMark03 score for my system?

Discussion in 'Benchmark Mayhem' started by David16k, Aug 3, 2005.

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    Are you running the tests at the same card clocks, cpu speed, ram timings, etc.? Also, make sure your 3D and OpenGL settings in your advanced display options are all set to performance.
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    jacuchu i sent u a private message check it this is it here:

    dont know if u done this but open control panel/sounds and audio devices/sounds/sound schemes check no sounds/do not save current sound scheme/apply/ok.u wont loose sound dont worry.also right click on ur desktop/properties/on desktop choose none/apply.then screensaver none/apply.then appearance/effects/uncheck evry one/apply/ok.go in control panel again/system/advanced/performance/settings/visual effects/adjust for best performance/apply/ok.also in control panel/system/remote/uncheck all/apply.go to advanced again/error reporting(bottom of page)uncheck enable/check disable but notify/apply/ok.while still in control panel go 2 internet options/general/settings/check 4 newer versions of stored pages/check every visit to the page.then exit control panel and go 2 desktop,the time at bottom right corner/double click/internet time/uncheck automatically synchronise/apply/ok.btw how many services do u have running now?

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