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    Still learning, still experimenting, still suffering the results of that but getting better although I prefer to keep it simple. Doing better with baking really though trying to improve overall physical health so need to keep cakes and such down a little bit ha ha.

    Today was pita bread, store bought though I occasionally try baking it myself and have since learned that the PITA name is really fitting for how flimsy and fragile this can be though the store bought variant is not much better. Kebab to go with it although being store bought kebab is basically code word for mysterious meat in thin stripes or slices with some form of pepper spice on. Not as bad as the deer and other "exotic" meats where the store has some vague low percentage number and it reads as being fused ??? bits vaguely resembling meat but still.
    (Or this low-price burger cheese that is supposed to be cheddar but the writing will say it has cheddar character and leave out what it actually is entirely. Some things are best left unanswered I guess, it's some goop like substance and that's it.)

    Combine with that one salad remnant sadly pondering it's tortured existence in the bottom of the fridge as it merges with whatever drawer it's stored in and instant fast food in a few minutes. :D

    Humorous/Horrid description aside it usually works out well, not getting stuck doing the same hamburger over and over was the biggest hurdle initially.
    (And for that achieving hamburger solidness for the mince meat and not having it be some scraped off burnt something was the other hurdle. :p )

    Fun to experiment and learn, more fun to actually eat though. Still doing better with baking stuff but both are fun, lot better than before and buying usually instant and microwave type foods or eating out.

    Few more months and once Spring arrives in full grill season should be good to go again, from all the screaming and shouting it sounded like the neighbors were really enthusiastic last year so with some new gear it should go even better this time.


    More seriously though it's usually the smoke from using a bit too much liquid helper on the coal but that's improving little by little.

    Should have more pictures for later reports, baking wise I do have those triple chocolate brownies though some tuning is still required as they need to be a bit less solid but also not runny either also experimenting with a recipe for mint cake but it's going to take a few more attempts before it's as good as it gets.

    As for the humor and half seriousness half joking well that's just how I am, results kinda reflect that though ha ha just try whatever and see how it ends up, improve from there. :D
    Getting better though, wanted to try more diverse and varied foods from a health point too in the process of getting rid of excess weight and getting some extra energy so from meat everything to vegetables (These things are edible?) and fish (This deep sea blob is edible?) and more. Local Lidl store here has some curious import goods which I've used for inspiration or just as a dish in itself though far as health stuff goes reducing the sugar intake has been the toughest problem. (It's in just about everything after all, quite some hefty amounts too which was quite a eye opener.)

    Plenty of weird and strange local cuisine too however, this being Sweden and all including stuff like the sour fish hah. (Not something I'd want to try though also I think we're up there for salt consumption for the European countries too using it on everything and in large amounts.)

    EDIT: Don't really take that many photos but.


    Bit more trial and error and it should be fine, taste is the important part anyway so eh it's already fairly good ha ha!

    Something like this minus the fun stuff up top.


    I tend to just use whipped cream.
    (Mid-part is fairly alright, top and bottom layer is a wee bit over-done but it's less solid than it used to be so overall it's improving ever so slowly.)
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