What was your first computer? When and how much did it cost?

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    Yeah that bitch personality I don't get, how someone can be so self-centered and oblivious to everything around her (or him).
    Never my fault, always someone else's, everything I do is right, nothing I do could - for example - bother someone else.

    Sadly I have a similar personality visiting the house next to me every now and then who owns a few dogs.
    She is supposedly a dog "trainer" but the way her dogs behave proves otherwise.

    The thing is she may start running and barking the dogs late in the evening when at least our daughter is trying to sleep.

    Especially the missus has tried telling her couldn't you run the dogs during the day or somewhere else (there are forest roads just some hundred meters away) but it's as if she doesn't even understand the sentence.
    Or says something but the same behavior continues.
    It's the neighbor usually who ends up having to tell the dogs to shut up, she is an older woman and has her wits about her, thankfully.

    It's the other way around for us, wife is more keen to react while I try to remain calm for longer but the thing pisses me off equally.
    Besides I know words are a waste with those people.

    Idk maybe if I once grabbed the woodchopping axe and went over there and shouted as hard as I can shut the frack up now would that help...

    or chainsaw....

    or hunting rifle from brother-in-law... nah I might be tempted to just shoot.

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