what program for editing text in video bios

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    I'd like to be able to change the text entries from what it says on my new retail Leadtek Winfast A6600GT agp video cards boot up screen. (I just want to edit out some of the marketing fluff is all)

    I've tried Nvidia Bios Editor (X-Bios Editor) and NiBiTorv23, but I don't see where this text that I circled in my screenshot below is listed in either of these programs anywhere.

    Is there a way that let's me edit this text in my bios?

    Here's a Screenshot I took with my camera of my LCD monitor as the boot screen went by
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    Msi 7800gtx @ 500 -1370 22"IIyama
    If you cant edit that with Nibitorv i dont think it is possible with any other program.
    You could flash the retail Nvidia 6600gt bios on it..

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