what kind of rdram?

Discussion in 'Processors and motherboards Intel' started by KillaBee, Dec 9, 2001.

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    hi once again...<br>
    i'll buy a new p4 system early next year...<br>
    hope to buy a northy cpu..<br>
    i want 512mb rdram (2*256) non ecc with 40ns...<br>
    until now i just found 3 companies producing them:<br>
    viking; hynix; and micron!<br>
    i tend to buy the microns!<br>
    does any of you know other companies manufacturing 40ns modules?<br>
    which companie would you choose?!<br>
    thnx for ya help guys!<br><br><i>This message was edited by KillaBee on 09 Dec 2001 07:51 AM</i>
  2. Out of the companies you listed, I would definitely go with Micron. I know Mushkin makes RDRAM too, although I'm not sure about their timing specs, I do know they are a pretty respectable memory manufacturer, and I couldn't see them using slower modules. Dunno though, haven't really done any research into it.

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