What is your 3DMark2001 (1024x768) score?

Discussion in 'Benchmark Mayhem' started by PixelDude, Nov 1, 2002.

  1. PixelDude

    PixelDude Pixelated Guru

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    GeForce 6800GT (Albatron) on a 19" 8ms LCD
    Hi all,

    Could u please post your 3D Mark 2001 (1024x768) score?

    Comparison chart:
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  2. Emanon75

    Emanon75 Guest

    The links to mine are are below...;)
  3. osama1234

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    Asus MX-400 64mb
    wouldn't this belong in the benchmark sectioN? my link is in my signature as well.
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    HAUNTER Guest

    Mine is around 6700ish with a GF3 TI 200, nothing spectacular.

  5. Treblig

    Treblig Nigeri Guru

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    ATI 9800 Pro 128mb
    This will or should be moved but , Pixel your score is mega low for your CPU and GPU !
  6. larmstrong

    larmstrong Guest

    do you have any aa or af turned on? looks like you might, make sure your settings are set to default and then bench mark it
  7. hi well my score is 8989 3dmarks at 1024x768 my rig is

    Athlon XP 1700+
    Via kt133 Mobo
    512 SDRAM
    250w psu
    PNY Verto GF4 Ti4200(64meg)

    You really should cheack your settings your score is mighty low for your system
  8. Radik

    Radik Member

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    Creative GF4 TI4400
    I have athlon xp 1800+, 512mb ddr cl2, Creative GF4 Ti 4400 and 40.72 dets. My score is 10600.... (nothing overclocked)
  9. John

    John Ancient Guru

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    GTX 970
    7800ish on a tb 900@1090 (200) ,256sdram, and MSI gf4 ti4200 64mb, damn slow cpu and ram:(
    Oh well, waiting for my big upgrade till hammer's out :cool:
  10. steef

    steef Guest

    minesw in my sig (the url anyway cause im a loser and didnt make it a link :p)

  11. NatedoggC

    NatedoggC Guest

    Mine is around 7200... on a p4 1.7 ghz w/ 512 mb PC133, (a gateway piece of crap that my parents bought) and a geforce4 ti4400. whats up here, is this how it should be? And is there something i can do to easily make it better? i know about all that vsync and aa stuff, and i'm not sure if its worth it to overclock. (maybe i just answered my own question =x )

    Edit: maybe i should just post this as a new topic... meh, whatever, this works.
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  12. Mlodorous

    Mlodorous Guest

    I got a 8500 modded all to hell and back Smoking at 11074
  13. Treblig

    Treblig Nigeri Guru

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    ATI 9800 Pro 128mb
    It's in my sig .......
  14. SniperStumpy

    SniperStumpy Guest

    win3d 2001

    AMD xp 1700, Soyo dragon plus mobo, 512 pc 2100 crucial ram, gf3 ti200, 40 gig wd,win xp. nothing overclocked I scored a 7206. Using det. 41.03
    I`m kinda waiting to see what Nvidia comes out with in response to ATI`s smoking gun.
  15. steef

    steef Guest

    i had no idea my 3dmark score was so good... seems for my hardware(which is getting a bit dated now) im pretty good...

    I think i'll buy me a 333fsb XP2800 as soon as we get em at work!

    teh 2400 aint that hot for me to buy, and all my games play nice(maybe i should hang with it till hammers release... *sigh* what am i gonna do with my paycheck now?

    prolly just buy the girlfriend some clothes or something gay like that...:(

  16. tgv-wasp

    tgv-wasp Member Guru

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    Gainward GF4 Ti 4600
    My score is in my signature, you'll find the details of my system settings in the 3DMark comparison.

  17. laciltame

    laciltame Guest

    His score's only 6K on that machine cause he's running PC133...:( Now if you had you some PC2700 or somethin like that....then we'd be talkin. :D

    Oh. yeah, my 3DMk score is 8993, specs for my rig are below.
  18. Almondo

    Almondo Guest

    my score dont seem right to me, around 15000-15500 on the following system.

    P4 2.4a @ 2.76
    ASUS P4T533 R
    512mb DIMM 4200 Samsung
    Gigabyte Radeon Pro 9700
  19. Ariel2k2

    Ariel2k2 Guest

  20. adamamplify

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    11,219 here

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