What do you think about this new Nikon D80?

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Would you rather buy....

  1. Nikon D80?

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  2. Nikon D200?

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  3. Nikon D70?

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  4. Canon D350?

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  5. Some other brand and model - please name

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    I am thinking of getting a digital reflex camera soon, probably Nikon, because I have a set of 3 Nikon lenses already.

    Does anybody here have good experience with Nikon DSLR cameras? Would D80 be worth the money or is D200 considerably better?

    Also perhaps you know if it is possible to have A-B focus depth setting.

    You know what I mean? No? You point camera at point A then at point B somewhere behind point A and camera makes sure the whole A-B distance is in focus while things closer then A and further then B might be blurred. I would actually buy another brand then Nikon if I knew Nikon does not have it and some other brand does...It used to be a feature with analog camera from Canon and I loved it. Not sure if it is there now with D350. Can any owners check?

    Anyway, here is the link to the Nikon's new babe:


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