What do you do when you install a game?

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What step do you take when installing a game.

  1. Install & play

    20 vote(s)
  2. Install, defrag, play

    0 vote(s)
  3. Install, patch, defrag, play

    26 vote(s)
  4. Install, defrag, patch, defrag, play

    6 vote(s)
  5. Install, patch, play

    78 vote(s)
  1. Whesel

    Whesel Active Member

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    ASUS RTX 2070 Super
    Install, patch then play.

    From time to time I defrag my games partition, as I did earlier today, got 20% out of it... don't ask :p

    Maybe I should defrag more often... :)
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  2. mandex

    mandex Master Guru

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    XFX 5770
    people who like defrag, try jkdefrag.
    best defraggler i've seen

    I defrag every driver instal, games if im not in a rush to play.

    Defrag always help, ssd defrag maybe not much, but if i had one i would try.

    and really, one of biggest problem of low system is when people don't defrag.
  3. F1refly

    F1refly Ancient Guru

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    970GTX-oc edition
    the real problem is MS's file system. while better than fat32, its not exactly XFS or EXT3.
    NTFS doesnt expand. if you delete 10kb's it leaves a gap there, then try to write 15kb's it wont fit so 5kb's go elsewhere..wherever quickest to drop it.

    other file systems allow space between data written, so a 10kb file uses say 20kb's of space so you if you remove 10kb's you can still write 20kb's to that gap or add 10kb's to the leftover, if you add 50kb's to that space, there's plenty of free space so it can re-arrange files on-the-fly, since it has plenty of empty space to shuffle around. as long as the disk is no more than 80% full, you'll never ever have to defrag. it only fragments when there is no space without splitting it up.

    those with Raptors or Raid drives, sata2 ncq'ing, will see less benefit to defragging. the drives are fast enough that its performance loss is alot less noticable. so it makes sense that someone with such drives who say they never defrag and is waste of time and for them they are correct but ya never realize what a bottleneck HD's are till you go Solid State :)
  4. masterchiefx2

    masterchiefx2 Banned

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    GTX 280 Sli
    i originally thought this thread meant what do you do while the game is installing have some lunch , go out for a bit ... lol

  5. Spongebong

    Spongebong Member Guru

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    EVGA GeForce GTX980 SC
    We start off boiling water for my special brew,then someone offers a sacrifice.
    My girlfriend goes outside and starts barking at the moon.
    It ends in an error "insufficient hard drive space". :biggun:
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  6. AnthraxPants

    AnthraxPants Banned

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    XFX 4890HD 1GB
    I defrag after I install anything, usually takes a couple minutes at most and keeps the system running smoothly. I mainly use XP though and rarely install games on Vista, don't have to install games in Vista as I run a multiboot and most games just work with a new shortcut and the saves duplicated. I prefer to use a better defragger than default M$ offering, Vista especially, though I don't have to defragment it as often as XP. Once the game is patched, modified, tweaked, defrag and play it.

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