what do you always replay ?

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  1. coc

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    replaying a game is somethings a must in my opinion, since we miss things
    in the first run. my only issue over the years is less spared time, but i do my best
    to go back like once a year to some of my favorites games.

    1. Mass Effect trilogy - finished it over 5 times, full runs. gonna do another one next year.
    its my most honorable mention as a replay option.

    2. Witcher 3 - 2 full runs, tried my best to do every single quest. not sure about another run.

    3. Fallout New Vegas - 4-5 times. full runs.

    4. Skyrim - installed a few days ago. got like 800-900 hours on it. despite the meh combat
    im gonna do another full run with some must-have mods in the special edition.

    5. Alien Isolation - did one run when it came out. LOVED it to my bones. considering another run.

    have a good one everybody :)
  2. PurSpyk!!

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    GTX 1080Ti X Sli
    Witcher 3, doing New Game +, i have already found some side quests i missed the first time i played. Problem is game just randomly freezes the entire computer
  3. fantaskarsef

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    2080Ti @h2o
    Master of Orion II.
  4. twonha

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    Radeon 280x
    I'll just stick to single player campaigns, instead of the multiplayer games I keep coming back to:

    Outcast gets a re-run every few years. The remaster Outcast: Second Contact should perform significantly better on my new hardware, so I look forward to having another go in 2019/2020.

    Half-Life 1 I replay every few years. Sometimes only until Xen, sometimes all the way through. The next run will be when Black Mesa finally decides to release. I may follow up with the Half-Life 2 trilogy (2/Ep1/Ep2), though knowing it all ends on a massive cliffhanger lessens the experience.

  5. mbk1969

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    GF RTX 2070 Super
    Mass Effect trilogy (practically in round-robin mode)
    Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Mankind Divided
    Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare
    Crysis 3
    Dishonored I and II
    Wolfenstein: The New Order and The New Colossus
    Star Wars: Battlefront 2 campaign
    Remember Me
    Thief (latest one)
    Metro games
    Mirror`s Edge (old one)
    Bulletstorm (constant stream of fun)
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  6. Duke Nil

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    GTX 1080
    new vegas, far cry 2, crysis, painkiller, think I've played each of them at least 3 times. I'll probably replay the new doom this weekend, I enjoyed it the first time around

    *Edit* Oh yea stalker SOH/COP and dark souls are also in the 3+ playthrough club
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  7. -Tj-

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    Zotac GTX980Ti OC
    Doom3 was my no1 go to game, played it like 20+ times for sure.

    Wolfenstein return to castle, at least 10x

    Original farcry and Painkiller, stalker soc few times

    Crysis1, but never really finished it, just few levels

    Dirt1, Dirt2
  8. lucidus

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    I don't regularly replay (or replay in general) games but I've replayed Mass Effect 1 & 2, Dead Space, Assassin's Creed 1 & 2, Batman AA & AC, Starcraft 1 campaign, and Witcher 3 in recent memory. I've got Skyrim special edition installed so I probably will play that after GoW & AC:O dlc's. After 5 years and with a controller, it will be pretty fresh :p I've my persona 5 save ready for a ng+ playthrough too though I'd like to give it at least a year before that because it took me a month to play that lol.
  9. CalculuS

    CalculuS Ancient Guru

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    GTX 1660Ti
    Fallout New vegas
    Fallout 3
    Team Fortress 2
    Killing Floor
    Chivalry Medieval Warfare
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  10. ShadowDuke

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    MSI Gaming 970
    Der Clou (the Clou) - from Neo Software, then Rockstar until 2006. And HL1.

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  11. StewieTech

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    MSI gtx 960 Gaming
    Skyrim baby.
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  12. Damien_Azreal

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    Gigabyte 1070 Ti
    More games then I could possibly ever list.
  13. slick3

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    RTX 2070 +85/1200
    I tried replaying Witcher 3 again - but I'm too washed up. I played it too much, the 2nd time I replayed it - completed everything.

    Well leaving out the MP games, I usually replay games like: Far Cry 1, Crysis 1, Call of Duty 2 or 4. COD 2 on hardest difficulty is something else. Hmm, the Age of Empires game, the CnC games - mainly Red Alert 2 or Tiberium Wars.

    I'm planning to play Metro: Last Light again.

    The nostalgia is too strong with the older titles. Played CnC Red Alert growing up from age 6 onward on a Celeron and god knows what GPU. My dad got me Far Cry 1 from a business trip abroad. I then exchanged my Far Cry disc with my friend's COD2, fkin game would freeze every 15 seconds - 256MB ram didn't cut it. So i reinstalled Windows XP everytime I wanted to play COD2 - the new windows freed up memory space.

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  14. nhlkoho

    nhlkoho Ancient Guru

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    RTX 2080ti FE
    I can't think of a single game released in the last decade that I've played more than once. The newest games I've replayed multiple times are probably Bioshock 1 and Doom 3.

    Other than that I mostly enjoy replaying old point and click games from my childhood.
    Sam&Max Hit the Road
    Day of the Tentacle
    Full Throttle

    I never get tired of those
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  15. Corrupt^

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    Geforce RTX 3090 FE
    Not anymore these days, but I lost count of how many Stalker playthroughs I've done (all 3 games).

  16. jbscotchman

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    MSI 1660 Ti Ventus
    Over the years I've played the following games multiple times over:

    Max Payne (all of them)
    Half Life 2
    Titan Quest
    The Witcher (all of them)
    Mad Max
    Far Cry 1 and 3
    Need for Speed (mainly Underground 1,2, Black List, Hot Pursuit)
    Just about all of Codemaster's rally games
  17. Zenoth

    Zenoth Maha Guru

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    MSI GTX 1080
    I used to complete (and return to, and re-finish again and again) single player games a lot back about 10 years ago and earlier. The last 'AAA' game I completed multiple times and enjoyed it every time doing it was Borderlands 2. And then Mass Effect 2 prior to that. I think I completed Borderlands 2 about 5 or 6 times so far (up to True Vault Hunter mode for all those games, and Ultimate Vault Hunter mode for two of those games). And Mass Effect 2 I believe I finished about 3 times, maybe more; it's been too long but I do remember at least 3 times with a full playthrough (one full Paragon, one half Paragon half Renegade, and one full Renegade).Those two games are the only ones in recent years I can say I finished multiple times. But other than that, it's usually over after one full playthrough, then I forget about it, or I just don't have the motives / incentives / patience to do it all over again. Usually the game is just plain and simple not good enough to bother anyway. I remember I almost did a second playthrough for Dragon Age Inquisition, but I stopped half way into that second game (and never went back to it since then). Ironically, it was Dragon Age 2 that I managed to play through for almost two entire playthroughs (not quite a full 2nd, but I made it much further than I did with my 2nd attempt with Inquisition).

    Most games I've played to complete are ones I played usually for just one playthrough, since Mass Effect 2 and Borderlands 2 really (I did finish ME1 also a few times, but I played and finished ME2 a bit more). Sometimes I'll try a 2nd game like I did with Inquisition but it usually falls apart mid way (or before that). That happened with Mass Effect Andromeda as well, I wanted to try a "new build" for my character, but about 3 hours in my 2nd game I realize how horrendous the game was and stopped. As of now the biggest single player games I'm playing are Breath of the Wild (still haven't finished it) and Fallout 4. I do NOT intend to play Breath of the Wild a 2nd time after I'm done. It's WAY too big and too repetitive to bother (I DO really genuinely LOVE the game right now but a full and thorough playthrough just one time for that type of game for me is more than enough). As for Fallout 4... if only I could STOP with my addiction to constantly stop my game to mod it then maybe I would actually progress the main story line. The only Bethesda game I completed just one time so far was Fallout 3's main campaign and one of its DLCs (Mothership Zeta I believe). That's it. I never actually finished Morrowind (owned it waaaaay back when, on the original XBOX; lost my interest somewhere after 200+ hours). Same with Oblivion (too busy modding it, barely PLAYED the damn thing, it also kept crashing all the time; I eventually just quit it). And then it repeated itself with Skyrim (never finished, played some of its campaign myself, then stopped and went on YouTube to watch the highlights of the campaign and called it a night; ironically I DO still play it every now and then only with mods and to spawn monsters in towns and mess up with the NPCs just for the heck of it).

    Also... I'm getting older, got way less patience for very long-lasting games unless they hook me within the first 2 or 3 hours.

    Now, with all this said, there ARE currently some types of games I do replay regularly and sometimes even make it almost to the end: old-school / retro games (8-bit, 16-bit).

    The ones I play the most lately are Streets of Rage 2 and Turtles in Time. Actually, I play them almost to the end every month or two. Actually, I beat SoR2 just recently back in March. Those types of games are fun, short and sometimes can even be beaten in just one sitting. Now, that stuff I don't mind and still enjoy to this day.
  18. cerebus23

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    evga 8800gts
    KOTR about 4 times since it came out.

    VTMBL about the same.

    Mass effect 1 about 2 times.

    DeusEX about 4 times.

    Witcher 1, 3 times, witcher 2 once, witcher 3 well 2.5 times sofar.

    Fallout 2 about 5 times

    There is a pattern i tend to replay rpgs every few years.

    There a few FPS tho like crysis, and quake 2 if i could just get the berzerker mods sorted i would be playing that (screen is cut off nm what resolution i attempt so most of the hud is missing) nm if i get my quake 2 cd out of storage with a ton of my my favorite mod maps and model swaps. I need to bug my buddy to start shipping all my pc cd/dvd and etc.
  19. TR2N

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    Yes get the Doom 3 BFG edition.

    You've inspired me to give it another run this time on the Surface book
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  20. Netherwind

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    MSI 3080 Gaming X
    Dark Souls 3 (3 replays)
    Bloodborne (3 replays)
    I've probably finished some of the Doom series a couple of times as well.
    Castlevania IV (15+ replays)

    I have way less time to play today compared to a few years ago and therefore I prefer to put my time in playing new games I have in my backlog. I did fire up Doom (2016) and really wanted to replay that game again but then though that I had Wolfenstein 2 to finish first.

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