What Can Radeon 64MB DDR offer me that Geforce2 GTS 64MB cant?

Discussion in 'Videocards - AMD Radeon' started by blount2k1, Aug 17, 2001.

  1. blount2k1

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    I am having trouble deciding what video card.<br>
    I am thinking of getting Geforce2 GTS 64MB<br>
    But I hear a couple people saying I should get Radeon 64MB DDR <IMG SRC="smileys/smile.gif"> <br>
    But I dont know the positive thinks Radeon can offer man that Geforce2 GTS cant. I just know Geforce2 GTS is strong in speed (FPS). Will a Radeon64MB DDR kick the heck out of Geforce2 MX?
  2. David Deed

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    Geforce 6600
    <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:<HR>Will a Radeon64MB DDR kick the heck out of Geforce2 MX?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE><br>
  3. rcf84

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    The Geforce2 MX is a trash chip. Well the Radeon can beat the GF2 GTS in high res. like 1600x1200 its faster then the GTS. Just the GTS is faster in low res like 800x600 and 1028x768.
  4. Sycora

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  5. If you'r going to buy the ATI radeon you will get superb image quality and strong direct3d 32-bits performance. But if you really want to play you'r games fast you should buy the geforce but you have to live with not so good graphic and a lot of texture corrutions
  6. OZ

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    True True, if u have the power in ya system get a RADEON 64MB DDR VIVO. u won't ever want 2 go back 2 NVIDIA.
  7. Radeon has:<br>
    Hyper Z<br>
    Hier. Z<br>
    Fast Z Clear<br>
    GeForce chards:<br>
  8. <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:<HR>Originally posted by blount2k1:<br>
    <b>Will a Radeon64MB DDR kick the heck out of Geforce2 MX?</b><HR></BLOCKQUOTE><br>
    Hell Yeah!!! it beats the gts!!!<br>
  9. rcf84

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    MX 400 is the biggest piece of trash you'll ever see. Then nvidia release the MX200 where a Radeon VE "with no t/l" beat it senseless.
  10. Starfox

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    well actually, for a games player, o for the GTS, and dare not anybody say that the MX is a sucky chip, as, if pushed to its limits, can somehow go near a radeon's performance, and that's the MX, what can the GTS or the PRO do then? or, the best question yet, what can an ultra reach? my MX's core gladly reaches 265 MHZ, and it went on stable for 6 straight hours of quake 3 and 3D Mark 2001!

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