What can i use for an anti-static wrist band?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by kerrang, Nov 7, 2003.

  1. kerrang

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    Either tomorrow or monday the rest of my ordered computers parts will arrive, and i will begin building my first pc.

    Loads of ppl make a point of wearing an anti-static wrist band, but i'm not gonna go out and buy one.

    So is there any material you can find around your house which could be used?

    Thank you.
  2. Cockbender

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    i've never used an anti-static wristband, although i recommend you buying one.

    anyway, when i assemble/handle exposed computers and parts, i usually ground myself by touching the power supply or an exposed metal part of the case frame. i also make it a point not to drag my feet across the carpet before handling parts. lastly i usually work on my desk, not on the carpet.

    others say you can keep your power supply plugged into the wall, but turn off the power switch at the back of the power supply. again, i've never done that. but it's good stuff to do as precautions. it only takes one ESD to ruin your stuff.
  3. Jhetski

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    i tried having a long shielded wire taped on the aluminum case and then tie it to any part of yer body... i.e., arm or somewhere.
  4. IronYuppie

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    Just stand in the bathtub when constructifying your shizzle.

  5. AlexJ - UK

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    An exposed radiator pipe i mean metal connection is staright to ground touching that will ground your static
  6. Altazimuth

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    I use some long Hook-up wire with an alligator-clip on the end. I strip a bit of insulation off the other end.
    The clip connects to my wristwatch and the other wraps around a screw on a metal convector Heater (Plugged in but not switched-on).

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