What can i expect to pay for the new intelchipsets/800fsb

Discussion in 'Processors and motherboards Intel' started by Shockwave778, May 6, 2003.

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    Sorry if there are any topics going on it but im gonna post ,go to bed and check it tommorow for replies..anyway..

    The 800fsb really interest me latley..so this would be a 200 quad pumped like waht i have now right?...If you could just give me an idea of what ill be paying...

    I would definetley need a new mobo right?
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    Lots...and going from a 533FSB 2.8 to say the 3ghz 800fsb is totally not worth it...but if ya like throwin' coin around my address is.........

    More than likely.
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    You can get the 875p board for $150 shipped on pricewatch now, which really isn't bad for what you're getting. The springdale chipset will be cheaper, though without "PAT" so it will be a tad slower.

    I actually think it might be a decent upgrade for you to get a 875p now, and use your present CPU and memory. Odds are nothing better will come out for some time... and you'll get to use dual-channel memory immediately.

    As you can see, gaming performance is a decent boost, though nothing incredible of course:


    This board is preproduction, so it might even be a bit better now.
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    Maybe wait a little bit longer, the Prescott is supported by the 875P chipset, so when they come out, then you can do your "big upgrade", that way you can have the pick of the litter at that time. And the chipset/BIOS' will be pretty be set in stone...Of course my system runs nice and smooooooth ;)


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