What are you proud of

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    The threads old but I am throwing these up designed in Blender and built from paper and card. Based on vessel from The Expanse

    MCRN Morrigan Class: Cu Chulainn

    new3.jpg new8.jpg new4.jpg

    UN Truman Class: Thomas Prince / Agatha King

    trumanb.jpg trumanh.jpg
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    I'm proud to be an American, cuz at least I know I'm freeeeeeee... twang, twang, twiddle twang... God bless the USA... and nowhere else! :mad::confused:o_O
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    My mother tells me how proud she is of the man, husband and father I've become.I'm proud of my kids, the fact that this hobby has saved my job during the pandemic.All you guys willing to share your experiences in this field since the birth of the Internet.My country (geographically speaking of course) but the current admin needs to be commended for their handling of the situation so props to them.
    Last but not least my wife, though she still pisses me off from time to time and the fact we're celebrating our 14th Anniversary on Wednesday and I haven't become an abusive husband like so many around me.
    On that note, proud of not caring what anyone thinks, long as I'm doing the right thing.
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    I am proud of my family. We have had ups and downs, but have all grown to be great individuals.

    Personally I am proud of my achievements and friends I made in the military.

    I am also proud of how I perform at my current place of work and the respect I receive through my efforts.
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