What are the best fans for my situation ?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Stesea, Jul 17, 2013.

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    Asus DirectCUII GTX 770
    Hi guys
    So, I recently bough a new PC :D .

    Zalman Z11 / Asus Maximus VI Hero / 4670K / Asus DCII GTX 770 / Corsair TX 650 V2

    After playing some games i realized that my gpu was running a little bit to hot from what i expected, due to the fact that it was not receiving any fresh air.

    I've been trying to improve the airflow of my case, and decided that the best way to bring fresh air to the GPU would be to remove the drives cage( I dont need it, single 256gb 840pro), now the air from the front fan can more easily reach the gpu.

    I would like to know what would be a good fan to do this job, since the stock one is useless ( no airflow at all :( )

    I've looking to the corsair SP120, seems to have a good airflow from this review .

    Here is a picture of the case:


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    ( Bottom drives cage was removed in mine )

    Cheers ;)
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    Zalman make their cases for silent systems, so they'll have put a silent fan in front. Not a bad idea, it's just that silent fans don't move a lot of air.

    I'd go for more fans in stead of replacing this one though, more fans will move more air, without getting too loud.
    Idea: Mount two fans in the top of the case to pull warm air out. and an extra 140mm fan at the bottom to take more in.

    Maybe mount a corsair H110 in the top there while you're at it?
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    Gentle Typhoons. King of the hill, wherever you look. Control their speed via motherboard fan speed control (SpeedFan) or use a hardware fan controller. I prefer the first method.

    If your motherboard doesn't have enough fan headers, get a splitter (Y-cable) after you make sure the headers can supply enough power for multiple fans (and they should, those GTs draw 0.083A, a fraction of what many other fans draw)

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