Western Digital Black 6 TB Hard Drive

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Aug 18, 2015.

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    wow that is most intresting, maybe i get one them wd blues instead of black
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    The impact on system performance depends on how large the drive is and how many applications you run on a regular basis. Seagate went with 8GB of NAND for their "hybrid" drive, which shows minimal performance increase in most usage scenarios. If all you use is a web browser, it does fine. If you run anything beyond that it provides almost no benefit at all. Anything below 32GB is pretty much a waste of NAND. Even WD figured that out.

    With Intel's SRT, performance gains are based on the SSD's read/write performance, the HDD's read/write performance and the CPU/RAM. The faster the HDD, the more seamless it is. The slower the HDD, the more improvement you see. In my case, it was roughly 45sec from power on to "ready to use" off my 1TB Seagate. With Intel SRT, it's down to about 30sec. Keep in mind that my task tray goes half way across my screen....lol I have a bunch of **** loading on startup. With an SSD, it's still about a 25sec wait. For less than half the cost of a suitable SSD, I have 1TB of storage and the performance I need. $120 for a 64GB SSD and 1TB HDD or $200+ for a suitable SSD that's still only half the size and only performs (aside from bootup) about 10-20% better in real world scenarios? SSD's aren't the life-altering performance booster that so many on this forum claim them to be. I ran a 256GB SSD as my system drive for 2 years. The performance difference between the SSD and my Seagate was so mind-blowing {yes, I'm being sarcastic}, I actually forgot I had put the SSD in my wife's old laptop.

    When the M.2 drives get to be cheaper, I'll give one of those a try. Hopefully they'll be more impressive.

    For a game drive, an SSD isn't really worth it. Especially not if you have a large collection of games like so many on this forum. I currently own like 12 games. I could get by on a 500GB SSD. If you've got 50+ games, stick to mechanical drives. Put your most commonly played games on the SSD and everything else on a mechanical drive.
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    Interesting, but he tested just 1 copy of each drive. That basically means his review is useless. Other reviews out there do give a speed advantage to the black. There's also the question of reliability and durability. Just because they "weigh the same" and "look the same" doesn't mean they actually are the same.

    I'll continue with blacks since they've had a great track record for me.

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