weird pc issues (PC lockups)

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by DiceAir, Apr 21, 2014.

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    Hi there

    i'm having the strangest issues. this started a while ago but it went away and now it's back again.

    My pc will sometimes freeze for a few seconds then back to normal and then freeze again. it can happen when i'm on desktop or when I'm browsing. Today was playing BF4 and suddenly I got lag spikes like a BIG lag/stutter every now and then and after each freeze 1 core will spike to 100% usage and then back down. So you guys can see my setup on the side. This is my HDD I use for my pc.

    1x OCZ vertex 2 60GB for Operating system(windows 8.1)
    1x Liteon SSD for some games
    1x WD Blue 1TB for some software downloads and games.

    Thing I tried:

    1. Heaven benchmark
    2. Aida64 stress test for few minutes
    3. MEMtest latest version
    4. latest windows 8.1 updates
    5. check ssd health via SSDlife and all seems fine (but can i trust it)
    6. run malwarebytes and spybot scan and clear system from spyware
    7. I did a gpu,cpu and memory bench at the same time on aida64. i also did aida64 cpu and memory bench over night

    Every test works fine.

    So is there anything else I can check? I don't overclock for now as my motherboard doesn't support it and GPU is not overclocked. Temps max for cpu = 45-50C and gpu = 75C Can it be my SSD that is busy dying.

    Oh forgot to add. I'm using free download manager and whenever I just want to do a quick download and set my c driver (SSD) as download location then my pc will freeze after a few minutes. So maybe the SSD is faulty.

    Please ask if you need more details.

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    Probably a failing disk drive like you thought, had similar lockups with my work computer just before its HDD broke down.

    It could be a good idea to backup copy anything important from your SSD just in case.
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    Those SSDs are up the latest firmware?
    The SSD have their partitions correctly aligned?
    What SATA driver are you using?What SATA port?
    Have you running the latest Intel IRST?
    Sorry for asking obvious questions,but a troubleshooting is based on eliminating possible issues.

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    Run sfc.exe in command?

    Also, I was having similar issues. I went here .

    I did everything I could. My fix ended up being a reinstall of windows. Deleted all partitions and started over.

    My opinion, windows 8.1 is buggy. People are having alot of compatibility issues. Starting with installation order. I was also hearing that if some service packs were installed in the wrong order it can also cause hangs.
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  5. clawhamer

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    Could also try disconnecting the other drives, swap out the OS drive sata cable too.

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