weird issues with hd7970 and 5700xt

Discussion in 'Videocards - AMD Radeon' started by dudecat64, Jul 7, 2022.

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    xfx 5700xt 8gig
    First is issue with hd7970 with a msi b350 motherboard. It wont boot with it. The board boots with rx550 and my 5700xt but not with 7970. Any ideas why that card wont work in the b350 board?

    Second possible issue is my xfx 5700xt raw II seems to be only maxing out draw power at 208w. Any ideas why? Is that the normal for this card or they suppost to pull more juice? Reason i am asking is i am getting weird fps in games like pubg. I get fps over 200 then they drop into the 70's and then hover around 100 to 150ish.
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    Have you tested the HDA 7970 in other PCs to see if the GPU itself still works?

    Keep in mind you can't hotswap between 7970 and 5700 XT, because 5700 XT supports much newer drivers than 7970, unless you're using at most drivers 21.5.1.

    As for the 5700 XT power draw, yes, 208W is perfectly within spec.

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