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    Well over the past two years i have used corsairs self contained water cooling system. Have done pretty well with them but its time to do a full case build and have a few questions.

    I did do a few serches and found some info i needed but figured i would make a thread and see what other info i can get..

    First off is im going to be doing a build with intel 2500k with 2 6870's.. Thats all i will be cooling for the time being and funds allow. i may move on to getting the north bridge and south bridge down the road.

    What size radiator will be good enough for those three components. 360 or a 480? Also what FPI is recomended when going with the highest static pressure fan i can find. IE the gentle typhoons.. im wanting to make this a very quiet water setup. dont want 6 or 8 fans blasting full rpm and being so loud.

    The only other thing i dont know much about are the pumps. which is the best brand, output, etc..

    thanks for the input and should see a build starting soon.
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    for the radiator, as big as you can fit into your case, go 3x120 at least.
    for the fans some other peoples may be of a better advice.

    best pumps for me are those Alphacool D5-VPP655 - Single Edition / No Top, couple it with a reservoir and you're all set.
    Avoid the pump with the crappy black piece of plastic fixed on it, if they happen to be defect they'll screw you saying you were'nt supposed to take the top off.

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