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Watch_Dogs LIVING_CITY Mod by The_Silver

Discussion in 'Game Tweaks and Modifications' started by The Silver, Dec 1, 2018.

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    Watch_Dogs LIVING_CITY Mod by The_Silver

    This DLC-sized mod drastically expands the gameplay of the base game with custom missions, random events and new features, and in general with enough new content to provide many hours of fun.

    I've created this mod because I love Watch_Dogs, and I wanted to bring new life into it. With so many other mods entirely focused on aesthetics I really felt the lack of something that actually added things to do, rather than to look at.
    So I decided to take matters into my own hands and starting with no knowledge at all about scripting I spent the last 14 months working on this project, adding new features, new mechanics and new missions to bring my vision to life.
    The result of this huge amount of work is a gameplay-focused mod that fills the game with dozens of new varied and interesting things to do, and with unique features that really affects the gameplay like never before.

    Official ModDB page: https://www.moddb.com/mods/living-city
    Official Discord server: https://discord.gg/gRX7Z8f
    Gameplay YouTube video:

    In the Discord server you can find a comprehensive Mod Wiki with every single detail, but for now this is a summary of the most important features that you can find in this mod:

    - RESTRICTED_AREAS  are red zones patrolled by guards and always active in freeroam where trespassing is prohibited just like you've seen in the campaign missions (like the ctOS HUBs for example).
    - UNLOCKED_INTERIORS  are interior locations that you were able to visit only once during the campaign but that are now always open and explorable at any time (like the Dot Connexion exhibit for example).
    - RANDOM_EVENTS  offers new gameplay opportunities as things that spontaneously happens in the game world and that you're free to engage at will (like a prison transfer convoy that you can assault to free the prisoner).
    - CIVILIAN_HACKS  are new interesting hacks that you can perform on the generic civilians around the city after you profiled them (like overloading their device to electrocute them for example).
    - AMBUSH_CHANCE  is a restored cut feature where hostile hackers breached the fixer contracts communication system so enemies can set up fake contracts to ambush you at contact points.
    - CUSTOM_MISSIONS  are actual new missions available around the city and comparable to the ones in the base game (includes Criminal Convoys, Gang Hideouts, Human Traffic investigations etc).
    - REPLACE_SCAN  is a feature that disables the yellow disk police scan at the end of a 911 call and replaces it with a white circle police search where cops actually comes investigating the scene.
    - ctOS_CHAOS  is a feature that allows the Chicago Police Force to use some ctOS hacks against you as an extreme measure on max felony level chases (doesn't use dangerous hacks like steam pipes).
    - FIRST_LOAD  is a feature that improves the first load of the game by randomizing the weather and time of the day at which you spawn, providing a personal vehicle where missing, and displaying an intro camera.
    - LIMITED_INVENTORY  is a feature that limits the weapons you can carry with you so each weapon slot now holds only 1 weapon of its category, and you can swap weapons at gunshops or by picking them up from dead enemies.

    Also thanks to an easily editable CONFIGURATION FILE you can tweak many of these features as you want, finetuning or even completely disabling them as you wish.

    Besides the previously mentioned big features this mod includes also a lot of little tweaks and fixes to improve the overall game experience.
    These tweaks covers a variety of things, like dynamic headlight shadows, ltrains behaviour and passengers tweaks, game economy rebalance, ammo amounts finetuning, reputation tweaks and so on.
    Most of the included mods and tweaks are made by me, but some were made also by TXGT and Deebz__ so kudos to them for their work.


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    Very nice.

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