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    Watch_Dogs - General modding

    Welcome to the Nexus peasants !

    this thread is here to share your finding , your mods, sub mods ( modification of already existing mods ) and general finding/knowledge about moding Watch dogs, you can also ask for help, talk about how this game have been downgraded or how you think its the best game of the century ! go ahead

    Existing Mods :

    2016 mods :

    The crasher's mashup ( a collection of many mods ) :
    Txgt's E3 light mod :

    Sub mods/standalone
    E3 Headlight/Taillight

    this will add tail headlights, shadowcast for headlight, front and back headlight reflection by colors, anamorphic lensflare for headlights/police cars ( exactly like E3 ) and much much more !

    V2 :

    Author: Txgt

    E3 2012 Focus

    Author : Puredorian
    Link :

    Animations :

    different animations for Aiden when walking/sprinting, the walking animation dosnt loop correctly for the moment, the running animation is very close to the PS4 reveal demo

    Author : ModAiC
    Instruction : put the folder on your inside your patch, then re pack it

    Unpacking :

    first You need XNA framework installed on your computer otherwise you'll get errors, download :

    to extract watch dogs .fat files, convert RML to XML, extract xml from .lib files , note that not all file have been decrypted ther's 40%~ of still crypted files, but most of useful things have been already decrypted

    Author: Rick

    Download :

    Disrupt_Tool GUI

    thanks mlleemiles


    this is mandatory to read/write on the xml files without compromising the formating

    Source/Download :


    this is to convert/play .sbao audio files extracted from .fat files

    Author : Zench
    Donwload :

    Removing white highlight from hackable objects:

    *works only on Nvidia GPU's

    Software Author : Bo3b
    Script : Leemonoid
    Download :
    Original Thread :
    Instructions :

    1) Grab a copy of 3Dmigoto

    2) Copy all of the files from the .zip to the "bin" folder of your Watch Dogs game.

    3) Delete all of the files in the "ShaderFixes" folder. They are fixes for 3D monitors/TVs etc. They are NOT required to fix the flashing objects.

    4) Create a file called "30265556e47ec3f0-ps_replace.txt" in the ShaderFixes folder

    5) Enter the text below into the file:

    void main(
      float3 v0 : TEXCOORD0,
      float4 v1 : SV_Position0,
      out float4 o0 : SV_Target0)
      // disable flashing bridges, selection effect.
      o0 = 0;
    6) Save the file and launch Watch Dogs. If everything worked properly, you should see a .bin file created in the folder
    where you saved the .txt file and the flashing will be gone!


    to view .xbt textures and convert them to .dds

    Author : cra0kalo
    Download :

    Converting back to XBT(thx txgt)

    Gibbed Tools Dunia 2 GUI-1-04

    Author: Haoose


    Original source:

    Binhex values converter:

    this is used to convert crypted binhex values that you can find in crypted xml files extracted from .lib libraries

    Author : ripped from Hex Workshop by BreakPoint Software
    Source : Txgt
    Download :

    Lua injector :

    this only work with the vanilla release of the game, it most likely will never be updated, dont bother to try it with the latest version of the game, it will just crash

    open load.lua with notepadd++, write your lua script/command then save , then inject it using a CMD prompt with this line :

    x64_injector.exe -name watch_dogs.exe -dll watchdogslua.dll

    you have to use that command everytime you write a new script/commande to inject
    then in game hit INS buttons from your keyboard, you have to press multiple time sometimes for the script to run

    example of some lua commandes :

    BeginEnvironmentEvent("Clear", 1); -- change weather to storm
    CDynamicEnvironmentManager_GetInstance():SetScriptedTimeOfDay(23, 0); -- Set time to 11pm
    StartTimeLapse(8, 0, 15); -- Make a time lapse, 15 second for full day cycle to 8am.
    GiveCash(GetLocalPlayerId(), 999999)"); -- give you cash
    ActivateInvincibility(GetEntityIdFromPlayerIndex(GetLocalPlayerId())); -- Activates invincibility
    RefillAdrenaline(GetLocalPlayerEntityId()); -- Give Focus
    FelonySetHeat(GetLocalPlayerEntityId(), 0); -- Remove wanted level
    EnableReputation(0); -- Disables reputation level
    FelonySystemEnable(0); -- Disables police
    EnabledLockOnAssistanceTarget(0); -- Disables auto-aim
    SetPatrolSpeed(0); -- Disable ctOS movement
    SendShowOrHideAllUIEvent(0); -- Disabe hud
    RandomEventSystemEnable(0); -- Disable random event (and the hud pop-up)
    StartAfterRain(1) ; will make everything wet 
    EnableReputation(0) -- Disables reputation level (THANK YOU)
    ExecLua("ModifyBulletsInClip(GetLocalPlayerEntityId(), 1, 99, 0)");  infinit ammo
    Author : s0beit
    Download :
    Source thread :

    Editing sun lens flare :

    example of Txgt lens flare moded to look like E3 lens flare :

    Tutorial by Txgt :

    Editing DOF tutorial :

    author : mystic_pr0ject

    Early Watch_Dogs builds HQ footage :

    sorted chronologically

    very high quality uncompressed E3 2012 demo

    PS4 reveal gameplay demo 1080p

    14mn gameplay demo 1080p

    HQ :

    at this point Aiden model/animations have already started to change, after this trailer the game was stripped down graphically

    GDC talks from 2015

    Unofficial Soundtrack :

    songs used on E3 trailers/in game missions that arnt in the official OST
    - from the E3 2013 demo :
    Download :

    more will follow ~

    if you want me to include your mod/tools, please PM me
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    MSI GTX 1060 6G
    TXGT's stuff

    This pack is a collection of various mods for Watch_Dogs that were created by the modding community.

    v1.2 - Updated with proper "Disable White Outline from Tagged Enemies" mod


    Watch Dogs E3 Lite Mod
    Info & download:

    E3 L-Train Lights 2.0
    - lib file for Marduk's FoC (and any other big mod):
    - xmls for merging (also includes Warm dynamic light and brighter lensflares fix):
    Known bug:
    You can see flying black spot in some Mini-games when you play them at night.

    E3 Sun Lensflare

    Depth of Field
    (Note: in patch files no other modifications have been made except the DOF and cameras)

    Medium DOF (medium distance, medium blur)
    Patch v1.05.324 and Bad Blood DLC are integrated (also works with latest patch v.1.06.329)
    Includes Machine4578's E3 walking camera (just like in E3 demos) and Yizan's Unlocked view inside cars.
    patch files:
    lib file:

    Medium DOF v2.0 (medium distance, maximum blur)
    patch files:
    lib file:

    maximum blur in all cameras all the time!
    coming soon

    Light DOF (far distance)
    Patch v1.04.497 are Integrated, includes Yizan's E3 walking camera and Unlocked view inside cars.
    patch files:
    lib file:

    Patch v1.05.324 and Bad Blood DLC are integrated (also works with latest patch v.1.06.329), includes same Yizan's cameras.
    patch files:
    lib file:

    Patch v1.05.324 and Bad Blood DLC are integrated (also works with latest patch v.1.06.329), includes Machine4578's E3 walking camera (a bit farther than Yizan's old cam, just like in E3 demos) and Unlocked view inside cars.
    patch files:
    lib file:

    No DOF (Vanilla)
    Includes Machine4578's E3 walking camera and Yizan's Unlocked view inside cars. Patch v1.05.324 and Bad Blood DLC are integrated (also works with latest patch v.1.06.329).
    patch files:
    lib file:

    Helicopter E3 White Spotlight
    xmls for merging:

    Helicopter lensflares pack
    Includes TheWorse and Vanilla lensflares with different colors. Also includes optional xmls for merging. Those xmls give additional color fixes for optimal lensflare color (e.g. removes violet tint).
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  3. ModAiC

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    What about the Razor thing? Puredorian and I are really waiting for it :)
  4. txgt

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    MSI GTX 1060 6G
    It's not Razor's it's better converter from Hex Workshop.
    Download link in the main post.
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  5. KuroTenshi

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    Watch Dogs Enhanced (24/01/2015 version)

    Based on Marduk's merge

    - Better textures (lighter and prettier) by Maldo, Sunset and Marduk
    - Settings tweaks by Marduk and me (Lunayah's as a base). Beware ! Software AntiAliasing options are upscaled (no AA = FXAA, FXAA=SMAA, SMAA= Temporal SMAA, Temporal SMAA = 2X Temporal SMAA)
    - HeadLight shadows by Txgt
    - Tramway HeadLights and shadows by Txgt
    - Light Pollution effect (more cans and smoke) by TheWorse
    - Lens-Flare by SoloCreep
    - Using Lunayah's NPC new textures
    - Using TXGT's Medium DOF V2 (and camera)
    - Using Mlleemiles's Environment Lighting
    - Using ThatGuyOverThere's sky
    - Use Essenthy's fog
    - GameProfile and defaultgamesettings set for mid-high end PCs (visual still a lot better than vanilla, remaining smooth)
    - Adapted SweetFX preset from Noirze (Next-G) provided.
    - Tips to improve performances drastically, without any graphic loss
    - No more arrows on road
    - No more objects Highlighting
    - Ajusted quantity of citizens
    - Reflections on sidewalk by Essenthy (visible too on daytime but very light)
    - Parralax Occlusion Mapping + Sub Surface Scattering => Testing
    - Timescale reduced by 2 to see less often night and rain
    - Kept original atmosphere, tweaked to be a bit more colored, sharper and have somber nights and Blackouts.

    Download Link :!JAFmkQrQ!Ab3MEbOSFCtjlPyDW7tbz19MhsRARez2DNXO3D3oglk

    I strongly advise you to read the readme.txt !!! There are important tips for performances !

    The screenshots below are taken with High Settings, HBAO+ High, Ultra Textures and SMAA (no lag and 50fps (average)).









    Planned for the next update

    - Correct the weird colors of the sky
    - Further fix blackouts and night darkness

    Credits : Marduk, Maldo, Sunset, TheWorse, Noirze, SoloCreep, Lunayah, Mlleemiles, TXGT, ThatGuyOverThere, Essenthy, Leemonoid, and the one that discovered and made the first tweaks (It's not Kadzait24, that just stole his work)
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    MSI GTX 1060 6G
    Hey what anti-aliasing mode you were using when you capture those screenshots?
  7. KuroTenshi

    KuroTenshi Guest

    It was Temporal SMAA. But now, thanks to tips i'll provide in next version, I've been able to switch to TXAA X2, improving the balance between graphics and performances.
  8. Essenthy

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    i tried FarCry 4 yesterday, and what a surprise ... it look exactly like the E3 2012 build, it has the exact same film like filter/grain slight poping

    the antialising was the same too, i couldnt believe that i was playing that, i couldnt even notice any aliasing anywhere, just like when you watch the intro from the E3 2012 demo, the game was runing simply SMAA AA , ultra high settings 1440p, maybe we can push SMAA from WD too
  9. KuroTenshi

    KuroTenshi Guest

    In my merge (and Marduk's too or Lunayah's HQ), you can apply a double sampled Temporal SMAA, by using the "Temporal SMAA" setting instead of the "SMAA" setting. Every AA based on shaders is improved.

    I'll replace my screenshots when releasing the next update of my merge.
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    MSI GTX 1060 6G
    TXAA is broken in WD, it messes with water reflections when you move camera and reduces detail/geometry of paraboloid reflections (on roads and cars).

  11. KuroTenshi

    KuroTenshi Guest

    It remains better than Temporal SMAA in my opinion, from what I saw. I didn't notice these troubles. Maybe because of Motion Blur and because I didn't pay much attention. MSAA 4X is unplayable for me and I doubt MSAA 2X is better than Temporal SMAA.

    You know, I am playing only in 1080p.

    And what if you try TXAA X2 from NVidia Control Panel ?

    I am using Nvidia Geforce 337.88 drivers, optimized for Watch Dogs.
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  12. Essenthy

    Essenthy Guest

    what settings/files did you modify to get double sampled SMAA ? also Txaa is very blurry/broken, and as Txgt said it reduce some of the reflection
  13. KuroTenshi

    KuroTenshi Guest

    I thing it's in defaultengineconfig.xml (I don't know exactly the name).
    You can set the type of AA, but the number of samples too.

    TXAA is indeed blurry but not that much in my opinion :

    I tried 2xTemporal AA, but I still prefered TXAA X2.

    According to what you said I think I'll test more thoroughly 2xTemporal AA.
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  14. Essenthy

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    thank , will take a look, her's a SS i took at the very start of the game, jpg compression killed it a bit, but am sure you get what i meant

  15. txgt

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    MSI GTX 1060 6G
    There's no TXAA settings in NvCP, there's only FXAA setting.

    And the name of xml for anti-aliasing tweaks is "defaultrenderconfig.xml"

    I personally prefer more sharper image and i'm using FXAA (untweaked) in Watch Dogs. SMAA don't apply any anti-aliasing to distant objects, only to closer ones. Temporal SMAA was my favorite at first until I noticed that annoying blur on foliage. MSAA and TXAA are messing up the reflections.
    So FXAA is the optimal choice for Watch Dogs.

  16. Essenthy

    Essenthy Guest

    added chronological early Wd builds video

    @KuroTenshi can you reduce the size of the screen shot please ? so we can keep the first page clean formating wise
  17. genstar

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    please can I have only the file Lunayah NPC's new textures? :)
  18. KuroTenshi

    KuroTenshi Guest

    It's complicated for the moment. I don't have a rig that allow me to upload.
    Maybe for the next version.

    Otherwise, you can unpack the .dat and pick graphics/textures/characters.
  19. genstar

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    ok, however says "Enter decryption key":3eyes:
  20. ModAiC

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    This is what me and Puredorian found yesterday, this guy has the same facial structure as the old Aiden and he is also a maincharacter (Probably Ubisofts plan B incase they needed the old model for something) The weird part is that he is only an XBG, there are no textures for him or anything like that, for example facial_definition or something like that. Its just char35_flyerguy.xbg ! Now if we could remove the head from the body and place it on Pearce instead, then we would have the old aiden. I also got the old hair to work yesterday with help from Puredorian.

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