Watch dogs revival mod(E3 2012)

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    Hello, to begin please apologize for my English I am French. I would like to begin congratulating you for your mod which is very good either graphically or in terms of animations! But as far as I understood the mode is not at its final version and so I give my opinion and the negatives for improved. on the one hand I would like you to make the head of aid less rough (we will say that is vague and he has a small Mexican mustache and look empty ^ ^) I also noticed that the mask passed through the skin makes the cheeks and the mouth come out, I also find that the animation of out of the weapon and too fast and not sync, I also have the impression that with the weapon with one hand his arm teleport to aim. here are the corrections to make. After I would like to know if it is possible to add more civil in vehicle, when there is an accident that it is is wounded see death as with e3 ( 7:28 ), and finally even though the effect of the rear lights is good, make them appear only when it rains and the night will be better. here I finished my blah thanks for having read and can be changed it's setting.

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    Hi, thank you for your feedback! yeah the mod isn't finished yet but almost done, I made a new e3 aiden that is gonna be optional to download,weapon animations I am not sure about them, we sadly tried and failed at adding more than one civil in one vehicle , I will see about vehicle tail lights. thanks again!
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