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Warning to those looking to buy MSI boards

Discussion in 'Processors and motherboards Intel' started by ruan, Nov 16, 2017.

  1. ruan

    ruan New Member

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    So I went all out on a new build...8700k ... Msi godlike gaming z370 16gb g.skill 4266 ram. .... The xmp settings in the board so not work...overclocking fails. I tried several of the built in settings...all fail.

    So I contact msi support and get this

    Dear Customer, please purchase compatible RAM from the link here: https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/support/Z370-GODLIKE-GAMING#support-mem-5 Then go to Product Service Menu on the left and click on Compatibility below. Then click on Memory Support COFFEE LAKE. Thank You.
    End User 11/15/2017 so the link i was given: https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/support/Z370-GODLIKE-GAMING#support-mem-5 leads to a blank page - i am also not interested in this type of information. i solved my issue myself and got the board to boot by inputting the manual CAS settings that i got from G.Skill. windows now boots and the RAM runs fine at 4133mhz. so thats good. however, when i reboot, the board shows overclocking failed message and i have to enter the bios, load the saved settings and reboot. it seems like a board issue. i'm trying to HELP MSI here...i paid $500 for this board and expected a bit of support.
    MSI Tech. 11/14/2017 Dear Customer, please refer to the list below for RAM compatibility: https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/support/Z370-GODLIKE-GAMING#support-mem-5
    End User 11/14/2017 hello - i have recently built a new system: i7-8700k msi x370 godlike gaming F4-4266C19D-16GTZKW G Skill RAM i have them installed in banks 2 and 4 default boot up they are set at 2133mhz WAY under spec. i enter bios and set XMP profile will not boot - overclocking failed message i use memory try it function and fails i set the pre-set to DDR4-4266, 4000,3600,3200, and 3000 ALL FAIL i manually set the CAS latencies, voltage, and spd and STILL it will not operate at anything OTHER than 2133 mhz. do i need replacement RAM? what is going on here, this stuff was very expensive.

    Just a fair warning to anyone looking to build something new and buy MSI. you will be on your own completely. You can get it to work but have to do a lot of online research and tinkering.
  2. Mufflore

    Mufflore Ancient Guru

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    Redacted by NDA
    Ram compatibility lists exist for a reason.
    When you dont follow instruction and manage to get a decent working solution it baffles me why you raise a complaint.
    Worse that you publish it.

    Its strange you would do this with your first post here ... ... ...
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  3. Agonist

    Agonist Ancient Guru

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    R9 Fury X
    Fully agreed. Thats like me going and bashing ASrock because my Corsair LPX 3000 kit only runs 2133 on my Ryzen setup. Its not on the list. So it is what it is.
  4. fantaskarsef

    fantaskarsef Ancient Guru

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    1080Ti @h2o
    Well I understand OP's being annoyed. But unfortunately, Mufflore and Agonist are right, there's no guarantee that a RAM kit will work with any besides the tested modules / sets.
    That's why the qualified vendors list QVL is still a thing in every mainboard manual, and (usually) given on the homepage of the manufacturer.

    When you ask people for real RAM overclocking they advise you to manually set your RAM's settings anyway. Did you try to push in a bit more voltage on boot (not sure what it's called with MSI's BIOS)?

  5. tsunami231

    tsunami231 Ancient Guru

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    EVGA 1070Ti Black
    you know there was time when ram just had to be matching to work right, now it has to "compatible" to work at specified speed for the board or atlest have if it not on QVL there is chance it wont now. I only bought 2400mhz 16gbram to use with my 6700k and Asrock z170 extreme 4 for few reason one them was I wasnt go see hugh diffrence from 2400/3200mhz nor did i want to track down QVL ram cause ram was expensive enough. but not expsenive as when I bought QVL ram with my old i7 920 it cost me 250$ for "QVL" 6gb 3x2 @ 1600mhz at that time and still didnt work at specified speeds. one thing i do know is manufactures do update there bios with more compatible ram kits as time goes on but no bios update ever fixed that with my old build, and if they all keep record of these updates is another story.

    The ram i have on my current system works as specified. speed/timing and voltage wise. I think in this day in age QVL list is something that has to be followed if you want to use the high speed ram kits with killer timings i dont think mater much to ram on lower side speed spectrum but i could be wrong.
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  6. Clouseau

    Clouseau Ancient Guru

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    Forget the QVL supplied by the board manufacturers when possible. The best place to find compatible ram are from the ram manufacturers themselves. If the ram manufacturers do not have a listing for a particular board, that is when the board manufacturer's list is used.

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