Warning - Gigabyte 780ti OC and Ghz - don't buy

Discussion in 'Videocards - NVIDIA GeForce' started by Denco, Jul 26, 2014.

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    guys are you sure it's gigabyte problem? i have exact freezes like described in first quote and i have a asus 780 (non ti). freezes are very rare, like once a month, mostly happens when i'm browsing in firefox, mouse slows down and then computer freezes. i think once i found my pc frozen while browser wasn't running (not sure, hard to remember). been trying to resolve this issue for a while, i thought it was my ram because one stick was bad.

    i stumbled upon this thread by accident and it's interesting to see that more ppl have exact same freezes like i do.
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    Wanna see a screenshot of the back of the original box of it as proof ?
    it's writen on it...So there's no error/mistake bro.

    I say well : 64 AMPS !!!

    and i don't think that even the best 650 watts PSU can delivering a such amperage anyway.

    May be the best 750 watts PSU...who knows...

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    I believe it. I specifically got my PSU for AMP overhead.

  5. Nostras

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    78TOC ( 78TGHZ bios )
    I have the 780Ti OC ( rev 2, double 8 pin ) and flashed the 780 Ti GHZ bios, it hasn't crashed on me even once.

    Well, it kinda did with BF4, but that wasn't the card's fault, even at stock it'd crash every now and then. The crashes went away months ago, probably fixed.

    I'd buy gigabyte again in a heartbeat.
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  6. Denco

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    For a test I started running Firefox without hardware acceleration for a month and had no freeze but when I turned it on a week ago I had a system freeze 4 days after.
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    You say a single 780ti needs 850-900 watt psu? I must be close to the edge with a measly 1200watt psu and sli 780ti.
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    GB GTX 780ti GHZ Ed
    Hello folks, I joined this forum just to report that ABSOLUTELY NOTHING is wrong with my (early BIOS version) Gigabyte GTX 780 ti GHZ EDITION.

    I assume mine was one of the first (if the not the very, very first) version of the cards that hit the market in December 2013.

    As you can see, BIOS Version is dated 22 NOV 2013.

    I understand there is a very vocal minority on the internet that is freaking out b/c their PSUs do not have enough 12V amperage to drive the GHZ edition 780ti and claim that all the GHz cards are faulty.

    That is not so.

    System specs from my Newegg review which you can see if you google "GTX 780ti GHZ edition newegg".

    -CPU: Intel Core i7-4770K @ 4GHz Multi Core Turbo.
    -MOBO: ASUS Maximus VI Hero ROG Intel Z87 Express
    BIOS Version 1301, Jan 2014. (My BIOS is one year old)
    -PSU: Silverstone Strider Gold 850W
    -CASE: Cooler Master COSMOS RC-1000
    -RAM: G.SKILL ARES DDR3-2133 MHz.@2200 MHz
    -CPU FAN: Thermaltake FRIO OCK

    As noted in my newegg review, when slightly OC'd my GTX 780ti GHZ can match the EVGA 780 TI Cherry-Picked KINGPIN edition and yield around 17300 3D MARKS Graphics Score on 3D Mark 11.

    Hope this post helps ppl.

    I had prepared a few nice imgur jpegs to post here with GPUZ and AIDA 64 screenies but I can't due to post count.

    A further note, this card's Windforce cooling so so effective that I am able to run the GPU@ stock with ALL my four case fans switched off and only the CPU FAN running at lowest revs. This allows for a COMPLETELY SILENT system. The card never exceeds 59 Celsius.

    (My Cooler Master COSMOS RC-1000 case features additional sound proofing material and was designed to host a silent system).

    17k+ 3D Mark 11 Graphics score AND a silent system sounds perfect to me.
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  9. HawaiianBrian

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    That's swell for you.
    I guess you missed the part where the OP asked people to stop posting " my card works great" Posts.
    Its been clearly established that this doesn't happen on every card.
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    Just an update on this problem (now solved).

    Disabling hardware accelleration in Firefox fixed the browser freezing issue, not had any freezes since i disabled that 5 months ago.

    Also, after downclocking the memory clock by -100 through afterburner, i've had no TDR's or any other issue whatsoever.

    I'm guessing it's just the memoryclock being unstable that caused me issues in the past, worth trying for anyone with similar problems.

    More about the Firefox hard-freeze issue: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=898932

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