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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Ladyhawk, Nov 22, 2000.

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    Hi,<P>I want my next system to incorporate level 1 RAID at least and at best, 0 + 1. I'm wondering a few things about RAID:<P>1. When information is being written to the hard drive(s), are both mirror drives being written to simultaneously, or can one specify when back-ups are made?<P>2. If I went with a straight level 1 RAID how much (if at all) would this slow down my system?<P>3. How much does RAID level 0 improve HD access speed?<P>4. If I went with RAID 0 + 1 would all four drives have to be the same or could the striping drives be smaller? How do you configure a RAID 0 + 1 array?<P>LH<P>------------------<BR>|_/\|)`/|-|/\\/\/|&lt;<P>--Why is there braille on drive-through ATMs?
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    Hi Ladyhawk...<P>1)mirror drives are written to simultaneously, so at any point if a drive should fail, all of the data is retained on the mirrored drive.<P><BR>2)It would not slow your system down at all provided you have decent cpu power to sacrafice... but it would not speed it up either.<P>3)RAID level 0, provided you are using identical drives, will provide double the performance of an equivalent single HD setup.<P>4)The striping drives could be smaller, but be aware that all of the extra space left on your larger mirrored drives is then wasted and cannot be used.<P>In my opinion, hard drives are built so well today it is highly unlikely one will crash unless it is defective or extremely old... the benefits of RAID 0 are extreme and will improve the performance of your entire system tremendously. Remember, everything in your computer is rated in nanoseconds... while hard drives are rated in miliseconds.... so they are without a doubt the biggest bottleneck. Unless you have vital data that you cannot lose... I would just go with RAID 0 and forget about RAID 1 or 0 + 1. Good luck

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