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Discussion in 'Guru of 3D Clan' started by FellCrow, Jan 3, 2005.

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    Well, I have been playing counter-strike for about 5 or 6 years i think. Im 14 and really want to be in a good clan. I have been for the past month looking on websites and what not looking for a good clan when about 30 minutes ago i saw this post that said "whos the best clan in the world" or something. and i read most of it until i saw some 1 say guru3D was the best clan and exp. mature and what not so i though ide come look. I was just wondering if I coud join guru3D. I play Counter-Strike Source right now so thats what im applying for if you have a clan there yet.

    So thx and hope i can join.

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    Guru3d dont have a clan for this at the moment at leat i dont think they do, but im looking for people to join a clan if your interested send me a pm and ill take it from there.
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    Of course we got a clan :) We've had since the dawn of time. But it's like .. very dead at the moment xD *sighs* Gotta get my hands on CS:S, so I can go back to kicking some serious ass.

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    Heh well I was a admin for the cs server when it was up. Even played cs competively in CAL-M, yet CS is dead now all that is left is the nub friendly CS:S which I have given up all hope on. CS 1.6 was fun while it lasted yet now there is nothing left =\

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    well that sux

    nice sig btw Matta

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