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    Hi,<P>I usually use Det 2.08 drivers with my Riva TNT because I think they're by far the best for this card. I usually disable Vsync because I get a good performance boost.<BR> My problem appeared when I updated my drivers to 6.31 and I saw that most of the features for my TNT had disaapeared! (antialiasing ,vsync...). Then I found RivaTuner and downloaded it. It's a great tweaking utility that gave me acces to the vsync option again, so I disabled it again and I played to TombRaider 5. What I saw is that vsync worked bad! (flickering and very disturbing image). <BR>What is the cause of this, RivaTuner or Detonator drivers?<P>Please tell me how to solve this because I'd like to keep the latest drivers and I think that the detonator 2.08 started to have some compatibility problems (the load screens in TombRaider 5 @ 32bit colour look corrupted)<P>Thank you very much<BR>
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    It's Detonator's cause

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