VRAM Freq. stuck at 150Mhz ingame!? *After 16.5.3*

Discussion in 'Videocards - AMD Radeon Drivers Section' started by IceVip, May 29, 2016.

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    i use trixx only these days, have had ALOT more issues with ab then trixx sadly....

    was having a problem like this i had to pull my 2nd 290x after running ddu in safemod and setting it to shut down after cleaning the driver out...rebooted with the 2nd 290x sitting on my psu, booted to windows, installed 16.6.1 shut down, re-installed the 2nd 290x and...nolonger having the issue with flicker/ect with my tri-monitor setup(not eyefinity, i game at 3200x1800 on my crossover 27ganjidog!!!)

    i also flashed stilts bios to my cards, once i reinstalled the drive as decsribed above...so far. EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE!!!

    dirtybomb(very unoptimized game) never droped below 60fps after doing all this....
    battleborn same story, maxed out at 3200x1800....

    i havent seen this kinda issues since i had my 5770 or was it my dual 7870 short cards?

    been years anyway.... im happy at the moment....probably need to tweak my system specs...its been a while...

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