Vram bottlenecking ? Empyrion G.S.

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    MSI 1080 Gaming X
    Playing Empyrion Galactic Survival.

    Severe issue:
    Unity engine crashes seemingly because/when the total VRam capacity is reached(i use AfterBurner)

    Actual resolution 3840*1200, coming from 5760*1200.
    I have a GTX 1080 msi gaming X and 9820x CPU / 32Gb Ram / Win 10 pro running on M.2 500GB PCI-e ssd.
    Mobo is an ASUS ROG Rampage VI Extreme Omega.

    Looking at prices of GPU's, if i get myself a MSI 3060 gaming Z trio 12 Gb will my prolem be solved ?
    If i get myself a MSI 3060 Ti gaming X trio 8 Gb, will my prolem be solved too ?

    The comparison between these two will help me understand if a higher GPU Memory bandwith reduces the demand on Vram.
    Because this is my actual difficulty: 8Gb of Vram reached on a 256bit bus width (my gtx1080). Reminder, 3840*1200.

    Also, and i don't think my "fear" is relevant at all, 3060 do have more shader cores: 2560 for my actual GPU, and progressively more as i go upwards the GPU price

    Regardless of pci-e version (my cpu doesn't handle pci-e 4.0) i would say yes but here is my confusion.

    And my system needs a new GPU

    I could keep my 1080 some more time surely, but this Vram bottleneck makes me ask for some guidance

    Take care
  2. IceVip

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    RTX 3080 Ti
    Open task manager: Performance tab > GPU

    There you'll find "GPU Memory". Do what you do with your unity thingy whilst watching that memory counter,
    if you hit all 16GB, and then it crashes - guess a gpu with more memory will help. If however you crash at 11-12,
    then the vram is most likely not the issue. And do not watch Dedicated GPU memory, running out of it doesn't
    cause crashes, it causes slowdows as whatever is needed is now being fetched from the system memory. If you
    run out of the 16gb gpu memory however, issues will arise. I know because I've pushed my system past that
    point with the stuff i work on and going past dedicated vram is never an issue, whilst going past the total vram
    caused programs to just disappear from the screen.
  3. Astyanax

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    GTX 1080ti
    report it to the game developer, they should invalidate and manage their video memory and definitely should not be crashing at the limit of physical vram..
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