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    Hi guys

    VPN services are something very new for me so sorry if this is a noob question. I ask myself a question (I googled for it but haven't found an answer): at home I have on the same router 3 pc, tablets, phones etc. If I use one of the PCs for P2P do I need the vpn to be active on all devices in order to stay invisible whiel downloading?

    thank you for your help
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    VPN usually installed on single device within LAN and encrypt in/out going connection.
    In this case encrypted connection will be between your PC and VPN server.
    Your router will just pass encrypted packets between PC and VPN server.
    This is the most common practice.

    So no, you don't have to install VPN on all devices. If you want to encrypt your whole network in/out going connection, you can setup VPN on each device or setup VPN on router.

    EDIT : Most VPN providers supply software to help you setup VPN on your device.
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