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    Hi, I need help ! I got a voodoo3dfx3500 card<BR>and a soundblasterlive 1024 card.<BR>If I have the voodoo card installed, I cant<BR>get the soundblaster card to get working...<BR>I got this then i turn my computer on:<BR>"card fail".<P>If I take the voodoo card out an install<BR>a diffrent monitor card, everything works<BR>good !<P>Please help me I got crazy...<P>All the best from Norway,<BR>Tore<P>toreoines@hotmail.com<P>
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    I'm not familiar with the Soundblaster Live! 1024, but it sounds like you got a shared IRQ with the Voodoo. You could try moving the Live! to another PCI slot. If the Live! is ISA (doubtful!), make sure you know what it's IRQ is, and make sure no other component shares it.<P>Now, if the Voodoo is PCI (or, not AGP) put it in PCI slot 1, closest to the CPU. Now, you can put the sound card in PCI slot 2 and everything should be OK.<P>Hope that helps, my dude!<P>BM

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