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  1. fatigati

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    Hello, listen, i have a motherboard, which includes a sis630 video onboard, soun and modem.
    I also have a voodoo2 3dfx (only3d), attached to it.
    My problem is that some games detect only de primary adaptro (sis630) and try to launch using that video, not using my voodoo2.
    Usually those are the games that you can not setup them to use the voodoo2 isntead of sis630.
    Fifa for example, or collin macrae, let me setup them to detect de voodoo2 , but soldier of fortune 2, for example, tries to run using the sis 630, and obviously can not run.
    Is there any way to make games detect the voodoo2 instead of the sis 630 onboard?
    3dfxvoodoo2 latest driver, do not run in my windows, and i think its the same reason (the sis630card)
  2. Kaaos

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    umm.. which Win version u have? Win95? 98? 98SE? ME? NT 4.0? 2k? XP?

    Try different drivers is all I can suggest.
    (and I don't think that even if you could choose V2 to run SoF2, that it would run, doesn't it need at least 16mb videocard?)

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