Vista x64 SP1 driver-level problems fixed! FOR REAL!

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    G92 8800GTS 512MB
    I have been using Vista x64, and after installing SP1, i've noticed I can't access the driver-level options, It asks me to reboot when i tick the box, I do that and the box stay's unticked.

    I figured it out, You need to be using WHQL Signed Drivers!

    I rolled back to 169.25 on my G92 8800 GTS 512mb card, and volia it works again.

    So to test it, i went up to the 169.44 beta version drivers, and it stopped working, same with the 174.74 beta drivers. Remember there are two sets of 174.74 drivers, the WHQL signed drivers for the 9x00 series cards, and the beta's for all cards. This is a serious blow to have to use only WHQL signed drivers, since crysis performance with 174.74 was actually much better.

    Hope this helps everyone
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    Are you sure ?
    I have 169.25 WHQL driver on my vista x64 SP1, but I can't access driver level options, even rebooting my system !


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