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    Been up and running on Vista Ult x64 for a couple of days.

    I was prepared for the worst, I setup the machine as dual boot with xp, and downloaded all the vista drivers I could before installing the OS incase I was unable to get on the net or needed them during the install process.

    Upon my inital install, I though I ran into my first vista issue. No sound! But I had downloaded the newest sound drivers for my onboard audio and figured I just need to install them to fix the issue.

    DFI UT Ultra-D NF4 --> Realtek AC'97

    I have always used the Realtek drivers for sound as thats what comes on the disk with my motherboard. Well I installed all the windows updates first and did a reboot. Upon reboot Vista found the hardware and installed its own drivers. I figure this was added for compatablity reasons as part of the updates.

    These drivers are "Nvidia nForce Audio" they cover everything from speakers, to line in and line out.

    I have sound and they seem to work fine...

    So whats up with these drivers?

    Are they a replacement to Realteks drivers and just as good, or just a generic windows driver and I would be best off taking them off and trying to use the drivers specific to my onboard?

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