Vista and Rivatuner - Fan Speed and monitoring not turning on

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    I am using the 175.16 drivers which do work on the 9800GTX cards to actually set the fan speeds and remember them over 60c.

    But my query i believe related to Rivatuner and Vista and wonder if you can shead any light on this for me.

    If i turn on my PC from a reboot, or from a complete shutdown state, then Rivatuner loads and sets my fans, and the monitor appears on my G15 LCD keyboard, and all is dandy ;)


    If i start Vista from the hibernation shutdown, i.e. so you can power up in about 2 seconds. Then whilst everything does reload, including rivatuner. Rivatuner does not set the fan speeds (it is now on auto) and it doesn't start its hardware monitor either, so no fan speed increase on temperature rises are its not been monitored.

    The only way to get it working again from this sleep mode/Locked account, is to close rivatuner down (right click close on taskbar) and then reopen rivatuner and everything is then okay.

    Just wondering if there is a work around for this, to get rivatuner to restart itself on this vista sleep mode / login from locked account etc.

    Any help is appreciated :infinity:


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