Vietnamese store put up preorder for ASUS ROG STRIX 1180s

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Jul 2, 2018.

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    seriously? you're not talking about 1440 being up sampled t 4k are you and you're not looking at 4k stream on a 4k screen with the screen set to full screen, are you?

    4k 50% more clear over 1440. If you could tell anyone that t heir vision could be 50% better would they say, "yes please" or "nah, very little difference."

    When it comes to resolutions and Hz what really makes a difference to what you can get away with or put up with is the size of your screen.

    For myself at 4k FPS under 50 isn't so great. 60+ is really nice, though I'd prefer 120fps/120hz as moving your mouse from one side of a 55" 4k screen to the other can get choppy at 60 FPS/60hz.

    All this talk about graphics settings is pretty well moot when your cable can't fit 120 FPS at 4k with full HDR anyways... Next gen displays with freesync is where the industry is at because if you have a variable refresh rate you can fit in more colour data per frame if you're not forced to hammer 120hz all the time.

    Let's just home that 7nm doesn't disappoint. I'm pretty sure i'm getting sammy, 4k 8 series curved screen with FreeSync and what ever fail Vega refresh show sup on 7nm. It "should" have enough power to do 4k effectively...
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    Per pixel precision. Simple concept, yet so elusive to some. Youtube video compression is not lossless, nor is one used by recording device or transcoder in PC.
    Even if you record lossless video on CCD having exact same resolution as target display has, it will not have better per pixel precision than one recorded via CCD with higher resolution and downsampled.

    In PC games, per pixel precision is trash in comparison to video compression loss. That means, IQ gain from downsampling is much higher.

    Edit: And no, entire quote you reacted to is about 1080p, 1440p, 4k video on 1080p screen. Because that post is about freaking per-pixel-precision.

    I have strange feeling that you came to conclusion that I think there is no difference in information provided by 1440p and 4k video. But that would mean you considered me and idiot. Which for sure makes you one. So, I hope this feeling of mine is just yesterday's beans flatulence.
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