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Video Overlay Problem

Discussion in 'ATI Tray Tools Public Beta Section' started by AXS, Jan 19, 2009.

  1. AXS

    AXS Master Guru

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    HD 4800 UPCC
    For me ATT is an alternative for CCC. I have the best performance by using only the Driver + ATT. I know how to make it work with CCC, but if I would use that ATT would be useless for my need. I have a problem with video files, and old problem that many users seem to have from time to time, generaly speaking (ATI, Nvidia users -happens with a new driver release or so...). All the video files that use OVERLAY function are "BLACK" - sound play but no video, unless I chose a different rendering mode. The thing is they look better with overlay and even If I would chose a different rendering mode, I couldn't use video streaming which is Overlay only.

    For some reasons I can change Overlay settings from ATT:


    Unchecking "Application Decide" and using personal setting doesn't seem to work. Cause as soon as I'm out of that panel, it resets back. Any suggestion beside using Crappy Control Central ?

    PS. Only de VIDEO shows a black image, the rest is fine. :)
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  2. tr4l1975

    tr4l1975 Ancient Guru

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    sapphire RX480 8GB OC
    what video formats won't use overlay properly? What program are you using to watch the videos?

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