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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Guest, Jul 23, 2000.

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    Ok, i have a 400 mgz celeron processor. What video card do i need to make my games run with excellent graphics at a playable speed. Do I make myself clear? Also, I have a PCI slot.
  2. Voodoo FAN

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    the Voodoo 5 5500 pci board will make your games look great, but a think you should upgrade your procesor first. a cel 400 is not such a good procesor
  3. TarKuS

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    Not sure what kind of Motherboard you have and the expenses you might wanna grab into. But you might want to look into getting a mobo and a new chip to go along w/ your new Vid Card.<P>Have a PCI and AGP option along w/ the 4thGen AGP as a possibility.... its all in what ya want. The VooDoo5 is an excellent card but you might want to upgrade the motherboard if you want to have both options of going towards AGP. <P>I am looking at the GeForce MX right now. Have seen the V5 and its excellent and also the GeForce in action... but would rather pump in some dollars with a new chip/mobo and then save a few racks on a vid card.<P>Just my thoughts of it.<P><BR>TarKuS<P>

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