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Video Card Final Decision

Discussion in 'Processors and motherboards Intel' started by AMDMan2016, Jun 25, 2019.

  1. AMDMan2016

    AMDMan2016 Member

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    Nvidia Geforce 1050
    Hello All
    Have the Money, just have to decide if getting a 1660TI for my Intel I7 7700 based Asus G11CD-K Desktop, or 2060 or 2070 card depending on prices when I fully pick one out in the coming weeks

    Power Supply Evga G3 650watt

    Probably can fit a 2060-2070 card, I know 1660TI would most likely fit into case just fine

    bottleneck site said my processor was too weak for 2070, 2080 cards, so might end up just getting 1660Ti

    Only game in 1080P currently
  2. Arinoki

    Arinoki New Member

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    Nviia GTX 650 1GB
    Basically - if u need RTX cores - 2060/2070, if not - 1660.

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