Video capture with dedicated encoder server results in broken files

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    Hi everybody,

    I use MSI Afterburner with RTSS 7.1.0 and got everything configured so far (= OSD works well and is getting infos from AB and HWiNFO64). I only have a problem with the video capture because every time I enable the "Use dedicated encoder server" option in AB, start an application and do a recording the resulting file is broken. I don't get a thumbnail or any metadata (Bitrate, resolution, length, etc.) and can't play the file. As soon as I disable the "Use dedicated encoder server" setting without changing anything else I can create recordings.
    In RTSS I have checked "Enable dedicated encoder server service" and "32-bit" as well as "Enable 64-bit applications support service".
    I also tried it with 64-bit in the dropdown but that didn't changed anything.

    What is causing this and how can I solve it?

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