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    Hi all,

    I'm hoping for a little advice. I'm looking to replace Fraps with a hardware alternative. Firstly, I hope I got the right forum. If this is the wrong one, I apologise.

    My current configuration is a standard nVIDIA Surround setup:

    GPU 1 --------------> Left Screen (1920x1080)
    |------------> Center Screen (1920x1080)

    GPU 2 --------------> Right Screen (1920x1080)
    |-----> PhysX

    I'm looking to redirect the center screen feed through a hardware video capture card that's capable of encoding H.264 1080p (ideally a card that can process 1440p, for near-future proofing). I'm currently using DVI-D to all 3 screens, but I can upgrade to DisplayPort easily.

    Can anyone recommend a modestly priced video capture card that's capable of passthrough, meeting these requirements?

    The card must not affect the operation of NV Surround in any way, i.e. it must be entirely transparent.

    I'm struggling to find anything suitable that doesn't cost the world. There are some 1080i HDMI cards but that's not suitable for my requirements.

    Thanks very much

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