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    Current gpu amd 4670 512mb,considering either Asus 760 or equivilent 770 version.
    However here in rip off britain 770 costs almost 50% more for not a great deal more porformance in the majority of games.
    Game at 1080p, this is to go into an HTPC so really want to keep noise & heat to an absolute minimum, if possible silent or near as damit.
    So can anybody run some benchmarks comparing 770 against a 760 at Identical clocks ie run 770 underclocked same as 760 clocks & report temps fps etc.
    Not concerned about all out performance just do not want something that sounds like a friggin hairdryer,either card would be a large upgrade.
    Play mostly strategy games,old rpgs emulators etc.
    The problem is would also like to play skyrim, the witcher & the odd fps shooter at a decent framerate otherwise it would be easy to make a decision.
    Any opinions or recommendations wellcome.
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    All stock hsf sound like a hairdryer when gaming, best thing you can do is go aftermarket cooler or get an msi windforce or similar model.

    This Acellero cooler I'm using is roughly as loud when running flat out as the stock was idle and cools better.
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    There are also other considerations to factor in. What is your current system? If you have an old CPU, not much RAM (2GB etc), that will severely limit the efficacy of going to a 760 or 770. Of course, then you have to consider that if the rest of the computer is as old as the graphics card that your PSU might not cope with the new card either. Then there's the operating system. It's not a choice, you have to have a 64-bit OS such as Windows 7 x64 due to the address space limitations of a 32-bit operating system. Sure, you can still run a 32-bit OS, but you will severely cripple your performance due to limiting the usable RAM.
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    As thatguy mentioned above, we need to know what the system specs are for making such a recommendation... for example, if your machine is cpu\system limited, there could possibly be little to no performance difference between the two cards.

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