VIA to return to CPU Market with Zhaoxin processors

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Jan 2, 2018.

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    To get into the business market, they'll have to prove they can perform on par with Intel and AMD or better, while offering similar or better features and reliability/stability at a more cost effective price point. Security is likely going to be a bigger issue going forward as well given recent developments.
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    I do follow them for years. One should understand that those chips are not for gaming. They are reasonably power Efficient.
    But they have around 1/2 IPC in comparison to modern Core/Zen chips. It can be compared to 4C/8T Atom chip having all modern bells and whistles running @3GHz.

    It is similar to hoping that one day one of mobile GPU players who's chips do OGL/DX just fine will decide to invade into High Power Consumption desktop gaming market.
    But years before that we would see them invading x86_64 tablet, notebook markets. And they are not doing it.

    And instead of looking that much on VIA, I would consider:
    Since that is kind of "different" company.

    Those chips may be nice for some home media server, but aren't there already chips with similar performance and price on our markets?
    I did read fix performance impact on intel chips. It is in double digit space and not small one.
    Sadly fix is not kind of BIOS release, flash yourself. It is OS code protection and OS vendor decision which only minority of people manage to evade.

    Issue itself is not actually that bad as one has to have system already infected for attack to work. Yet protection will be very costly for intel chips in terms of performance.
    AMD practically unaffected.

    But As written above, Zhaoxin chips will still not touch intel's desktop chips feet due to much lower IPC and clock.
    China, man... China. THat's intended market. That's market they are living for years. Volume is there.
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    May be their target market are:
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    Telecommunications in Africa are one of the fastest growing markets on this planet. If they can make it there that'd mean loads of money in the long run.

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    And they are already DEAD in the gaming market.Only market they will have market share is Industrial PC and Thin clients.Period.

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