Vanguard: Saga of Heroes goes Free-To-Play!

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    So this is one of those games I bought during my Everquest to World of Warcraft transition years ago. I really enjoyed it.
    Relatively simple interface and quest system that is reminiscent of WoW, but the world, graphic style and combat system (Skill Ups/Stats) is very Everquest-like.

    As a past player, i logged in to find i had a Lvl 32 Blood Mage Elf (a free to play LOCKED class/race) and can still play him. Don't know if he still gains XP, but will find out tonight! The races and Classes are rather limited. Human type, halfelf and halflings are for free. Warriors, Rogues, Rangers, Clerics, Disciples, Sorcerers, and Necros are free claseses, the others are limited to Lvl 20 for f2pers.

    Upon creation, you can play in the new Tututorial Isle of Dawn, or the classic starter area for your race (Everquest like as well!)

    Very group-centric game, which I have missed! Anyone played before thinking about returning? If you haven't tried it, but like the feel of older MMOs, check it out :)

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