Vaio VGN-AR61E, 8400M GT, Win8.1 - still overclocked and even faster then before.

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    GeForce 8400M GT
    If you google, you will find a lot of people overclocking their 8400M GT on a Vaio and it always worked like a charme, regardless of people saying it will fail, die or is not a good idea at all.

    Since 2009 I use the following settings while gaming :
    Core Clock from 450 to 550
    Memory Clock from 602 to 770

    From XP to Vista, via Win 7 to Win 8.1 Pro

    Some (like me) just even use a cooling plate below the laptop, without ever breaching the 70°. And some use even higher settings, gaming on around 88°.

    Now, on Win 8.1, using the inf modded "wonder" 337.50 beta driver, it feels better then ever before, using RivaTuner. (well, it is not just a feeling) I never used benchmarks, but compared the gameplay feeling using Call of Juarez, Entropia Universe or various Emulators like Dolphin, PSP or PS2.

    And I must say, right now (Win 8.1+beta driver) Im able to put my trust back into the work of software companies.

    While I often thought they became lazy (mainly because of windows and its libraries), leaving the old hardware behind (mainly android) the "power" of this old laptop finally proved me wrong. ( a bit)

    And it feels good. :p

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