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    Pixel response time is not everything, there are many TN monitors that have overall response time (input lag/procesing time+pixel response time) worse than good IPS/VA monitors.

    I am using IPS based alienware aw3418dw that have measured pixel response time 3.45ms but ads only processing time 0.35ms to have total display lag 3.8ms which is still better then most TN monitors around here.
    Average TN monitor might have around 1.5ms average pixel response time but due to cheaper electronics also often add 3-4ms or more signal processing time.

    as per:

    Alienware aw3418dw (IPS)
    Total Display Lag (SMTT 2) 3.80
    Pixel Response Time Element 3.45
    Estimated Signal Processing Lag 0.35
    Lag Classification 1

    Dell S2716DG (TN)
    Total Display Lag (SMTT 2) 4.25
    Pixel Response Time Element 1.55
    Estimated Signal Processing Lag 2.70
    Lag Classification 1

    (Measurements in ms)

    And this Dell is one of best TN monitors.

    People often take Pixel response time to be best representative for gaming response, but often this is not a case.
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    Picked up an LG 32GK650F-B today. 31.5" 144hz freesync 1440p VA panel. It's quite nice, colours close to as rich as my Philips.

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